Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Meant So Much

During our week in the Hobart NPICU with Noah, we were so grateful for so many amazing doctors and nurses who cared for Noah.  Many of them touched our lives so much, especially the two beautiful nurses who were with us when Noah passed away - Brodie and Lisa.

Peter was Noah's main doctor in the PICU as he is the head of the unit and was amazing all week in supporting us, being honest with how Noah really was as the days went on, and giving us and Noah the time that we needed.

Lisa, Brodie and Peter were all with us when Noah passed away and nothing touched us more than seeing tears in their eyes as well as we said goodbye to him.   Even though we only knew them for a week, Aaron and I felt a special bond with them as they shared such a huge event in our lives.

We couldn't have asked for more special people to share the end of Noah's life with. It was the hardest day of our lives together (I didn't think I could have had a harder day than that, but boy was I wrong), but we couldn't have asked for our last day with Noah to have been any better than it was, and most of it was because of them and the way they treated us and Noah.

To see the beautiful nurse Brodie walk into Aaron's funeral meant the world to me. It was so nice to see her, especially as I hadn't seen her since the day Noah passed away.

After the service I was standing outside when Peter, the doctor from the NPICU came up to me. I was so shocked that he was there, especially as I imagined how hard it must've been for him to get away from work, and travel to the funeral for the day.  Aaron and I felt an urgency to catch up with him not long after Noah passed away and I'm so glad now that we did while Aaron was still alive.  Aaron found it very hard to go back to Hobart and especially to go back into the hospital, but he was really glad that we got to talk to Peter, to thank him for everything that he did for us and Noah.

To have the two of them at Aaron's funeral meant so much to me.  There were probably close to 800 people there, and I was so grateful for each and every person who came to support me and say goodbye to Aaron, but I was especially touched that they both came, especially when they only knew us for a week.

I'm sure Aaron would've been smiling down with Noah, grateful that they came to support me and the boys.


  1. Wow what incredible people! Restores one's faith in humanity to know people will go out of their way to be there for others. Thanks for sharing Lisa (hug).

  2. Two very special people.
    Love Mum.

  3. A testament to the impact you two had on them. They would be saying to you - "that week with you and Aaron and Noah - the privilege was all ours". xx

  4. He is such a lovely man - not what you would expect from a specialist type at all, so glad that they came along too xxx

  5. What special, thoughtful people! Wow is the word to use to go to Aaron's funeral. I, too have had my 3 children go through the Hobart NPICU when they were born premmie. The staff supported me and my hubby enormously. It's fabulous that our local unit is so amazing x

  6. Dear Lisa, you and your family's situation is always at the back of my mind these days, I am thinking of you, as I'm sure so many bloggers are mate. Take care, I'll be dropping by to hear your continued journey all the time... xxxxxxx Annie

  7. What wonderful people with such loving and caring hearts.

  8. Restores my faith in the medical profession. Thanks for sharing this story about two dedicated healers.


    PS. It also says much about you and Aaron as individuals that they would want to be there.

  9. Angels on earth - how wonderful that they came into your life.
    Thinking of you and your boys every day
    Brigitte from Switzerland

  10. Obviously Noah, your husband and yourself made an impact on them both. Reading your blog gives me insight on how that is possible in even the short time they knew you.

    I too continue to think of you all daily way over here in BC Canada.

  11. You must have made such an impression on these two beautiful people. They would have felt equally awed to be included in your special family for the week.

  12. The people you least expect to be there for you usually are. You, Aaron, and Noah must have been very special to them as well. Blessings to you, Lisa.

  13. That is so wonderful Lisa. It's very touching that the doctor and nurse who cared for Noah during his last week came to Aaron's service. Lovely on their part, and very heartwarming.


We are so grateful for everyone's love and support, and appreciate your comments xoxo

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