Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ready to Pop

So what do you do when you are due to have your 5th baby in five days!? Go to the gym of course! It was great to have Simone back at the gym today after a little break away. We kept joking about having to roll her off the bench because her tummy is about ready to pop, but you wouldn't have even known she is almost 40 weeks pregnant and she looks great.

I can't talk as I did exactly the same thing when I was pregnant with Kobe.  Going to the gym just makes you feel good and it made me feel worse if I didn't go, so right up until I was almost 42 weeks I went and rolled off the side of the bench when I couldn't sit up any longer.

Because we were all at the gym together for the first time in ages (and it is probably one of the last times that Simone comes for a little while) we had to take the opportunity to get a photo all together  with some of our favourite trainers.  We are missing Lisa up in the back corner with us, and knew she would love to see a pic of us together.   We didn't want Simone to feel bad so we all decided to join her and had pregnant tummies too :)

It's hard to believe that Kellie only just had Erryn a few months ago. It seems like she's always been around now.

Kell's other daughter Charlotte is so cute.  Kobe and Charlotte love being little monkeys together at the gym. I'm sure she's making the most of the time with Eden away to make the moves on Kobe, although here it looks like they are both playing hard to get!

We are looking forward to meeting Simone's little man when he finally arrives.  I'm sure he's going to get used to the gym creche pretty quickly :)


  1. Goodluck Simone and i will be waiting for my inbox!!!
    and THANK YOU to Charlotte looking after Eden's boyfriend!!!

  2. See what happens when you go to the gym???
    I'm worried for Kellie - her bump is a little - well - bumpy!

  3. Yeah but you guys only looked prego in your tummys whereas I look pregnant EVERYWHERE!!! Thanks for making me feel better though!

  4. haha i love the bumpy bumps! hurry up baby triffitt!!

  5. That is hysterical.... good luck Simone ...youll have a new baby and ilee have a new house..... ill have gardening for years and youll have night feeds and sleepless nights...whose getting the better deal??????
    i think you are...a cute little man to join your family and to cuddle and love.
    by the way ...come check out the house when ever...

  6. You are FUNNY! Can't wait to see Simone's baby!!!

  7. SO funny!!! You guys all look GREAT!!!

  8. like Eliza I will be waiting for my message and will be waiting for a photo!!!!
    what kind of cream have you been using!!
    your tummy is a bit bumpy!!!

  9. Lisa - I thought 'Eliza' was you!? Was that comment not from you?I have no idea who that is otherwise!

  10. thats so funny! Simone is awesome!

  11. Simone looks great!
    Love the pics in front of the green wall!!


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