Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My Actor

Last night Jalen went to his first drama class after school with Second Story Youth Theatre. All last year he kept saying he would love to take drama classes and even his teachers encouraged me to get him into something, as he excelled in it at school.

He was excited and nervous last night.  The classes are held at Launceston College and during first and second term they learn different techniques with the body and voice, and then third term they do a production which is shown to schools around town.

 I hung around for the first little while as he was very shy and the only new person in the group.  He actually says he wants to be an actor when he 'grows up' and keeps asking me how you get to be on TV and in productions at high school.  I guess this year will help him decide if he wants to continue on with it as he gets older.

Hopefully soon he will get to know a few people there and become more confident, as he has a lot of confidence doing drama at school.  The teacher was fantastic and had lots of fun with the kids. She told Jay she loved his hat and that it looked like an actor's hat, and that even his name was an actor's name, so he was pretty happy about that.

It's only two more days until Jay shaves his head for the Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave.  We are blown away by how many generous sponsors he has had.  Every donation, big or small has made a difference and will help those with leukaemia.   He is really excited to shave his head now.  I'm scared about seeing him bald, but am proud of him for wanting to do something for others. If you can please click on the picture below to sponsor him.  Every little bit counts.


  1. Go Jay! It's great that he is so confident and not shy to be himself. I think he needs to get a role on Rafters. He's too good for Summer Bay.

  2. i agree with Nicki...
    But there would be a hidden agenda!! Maybe someone wants to meet other cast members!!!

  3. Good luck Jay - hope it will be a warm day when you have the big deed done!

    Luvs ya Ali

  4. what a cool little kid you have there Lisa.
    he seems like he is going to love his drama classes!
    Jalen has done so well with raising funds for the the worlds greatest shave!


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