Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Challenge - Hawks V Melbourne

Last night Di looked after Noah and Kobe for us, so we could go to the NAB Cup Challenge match - Hawks V Demons.  Mum came along as well.  First stop - the merchandise stand to spend Harri's pocket money on yet another badge for his scarf.

Second stop...give Hawka crap because Aaron actually knew the guy in there, and he doesn't actually barrack for Hawthorn, but being in the suit he isn't allowed to let anyone know that!  Aaron loved that he had to agree with everything that Aaron said!  
 Third stop...grab our great seats and settle in for a fun night of watching the footy.

The first half was actually really boring and because it was pre-season there was only a small crowd and not much atmosphere, but it's still always good to see your own team play,l and we realise how lucky we are to have them come down here so often. 

Harri was a man after my own heart, snapping photos all night on the little point and shoot.

The second half was a lot more exciting than the first, with some good footy played.  Jay was loving his Hawks hair beanie to keep his bald head warm.

Mum looks super excited about it all hey (or maybe just super excited that my camera was in her face all night! :) 

Aaron loved it as usual and I was happy playing with my camera as I wasn't really into the game, but it was worth going for the dagwood dog (which I forgot to get a photo of!). 

It was a late night for Harri who was cracking us up all night with his funny comments....'this is boring because Hawthorn aren't playing good!', 'is it time to go and get a dagwood dog yet Mum!?' (5 minutes after we got there!).  Whenever he is tired he sucks his thumb (just like I did when I was his age and older!) and by about 9 pm he was really going for it.

Harri tells me that the final score was Hawthorn 102, to Melbourne 'sumping' (something), but Aaron tells me it was 102 to 75.   We are looking forward to the real season now and can't wait to go to Melbourne later in the year to watch them play over there as well.


  1. Looks fun. Great pics Hazza! And Lisa :)

  2. I LOVE that you guys are such huge fans. :) Do you have season tickets? You must!


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