Thursday, 3 March 2011


Since I've been sick for over a week now and Harri is at the age where he questions everything, he keeps asking me 'why are you sick Mum?'.  I told him it's because there are germs everywhere, and sometimes your body catches germs and isn't strong enough to get rid of them, so you get sick.  He was happy with that answer and all week has been saying 'you have germs don't you Mum?!'.

Two nights ago Harri came into our bedroom at 3am saying his room was hot.  His room was actually freezing (thanks to the lovely Tassie weather we are having right now), but HE was super hot.  His temp was right up and he said he was feeling dizzy.  We gave him some panadol and he slept the rest of the night in our bed which wasn't fun as he kept wanting to cuddle up against me, with his hot body and I couldn't stand it.

He definitely wasn't well enough to go to school yesterday, and was miserable all day with his temp going up and down, and him not wanting to eat or drink anything. 

 Instead he decided that he could pass the day away by laying on the couch watching the 2008 AFL grandfinal which Hawthorn won.  He is so much like his Dad it's not funny! 

All day he was pretty miserable.  Once the panadol would kick in again, he was okay for an hour or so and then would go downhill pretty fast.  He wasn't his normal self at all and it actually made me really sad to see him like it.  He kept asking me 'why did you give me germs Mum!?'.

We saw our lovely doctor yesterday who confirmed it was just a virus and told Harri the most important thing he could do was to drink lots of water and rest.  The rest of the night he drank away (funny how they listen to a doctor, but not to Mum!) and was feeling a lot better when he woke up this morning.  Hopefully the germs will stay away and no one else will get it now.


  1. haha. I love how he blamed you :)

  2. OOoh poor boy.
    Such a lovely new that he is getting better, isn't him?

  3. SAD! I hope he's feeling much better. (you too!)


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