Monday, 21 March 2011


Kobe was so excited yesterday because he knew that his cousins were coming for tea. We had a family tea planned for a month and wasn't sure if Steph was going to make it as her baby was due last week.  They did make it and we can't believe how great she looks, even though she is 40+ weeks pregnant!

Maddi was so cute. She made Jay some 'craft' at home and gave it to him, because he 'helped the people with cancer'. 

The kids had a lovely time playing, and enjoyed playing in the sandpit together.

Little Linc is so cute and tiny. It's hard to believe he is actually the age that he is, as he's so small.

 The kids all piled in the bath together before they went home. Lucky we have a big bath to fit them all in now, although there was a bit of complaining that they were squashed! It's no wonder when there are so many kids in the family now!

Noah has had a great few weeks with his health and being really settled. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with him having Oxygen Energy Therapy (which I still need to do a post about).  Hopefully he gets his plaster off his leg at the end of the week.

Chloe was taking a pretend photo of us all sitting together, so I gave her my real camera to take a photo of all of us. She cracked me up when she took it and then looks at in the screen and goes 'that was a good one!'.

At the next family meal it will be exciting to have a little addition to the family. We are looking forward to hearing about Steph and Eden's little one arriving in the next couple of weeks and can't wait to hear what it is. I think it's about time there was another girl in the family since there are now 9 boys and 3 girls.


  1. Wow SEVEN in the bath...that has to ba a record i think....
    lovely to have family get togethers... i cant wait till i have the room to do it.... SOON!!!!!

  2. Eliza doesn't like the bath photo!!!
    but cool they can fit in together!!!

  3. I LOVE when cousins come to play! What a fun day! And cute tugged at my heartstrings to see his picture and the way you made him all comfy on the floor. We used to do that very same thing with Ben. Cute, cute, CUTE!

  4. I agree, we need another girl! Gosh Linc's top is filthy! Little Alex woke up in the night, and was crying for "Kobe's house."

  5. This is SO gorgeous! :D I really enjoy this post and love how Family Reunions for Triffits are HUGE and FUN! Love all the little cousins! :D


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