Friday, 25 March 2011

Stalking pays off!

Ages ago I emailed in some photos of us with some Hawks players, to the Hawthorn Football Club, thinking that they may be able to use the photos on their Hawks Active TV show.  About a month ago I got an email from them telling me that one of our photos was going to be on the show.  Unfortunately it wasn't shown on TV tonight, but it was on their website.   

The boys were very excited to see that we won.  I'm glad we beat the 'butterfly'!  I was just excited that Ben Dixon was talking about me! We used to love him when he played for them, and Jalen's teddy that he got when he was born is called 'Benny' after him.  Of course Harri has already claimed the prize!


  1. Oh boy - that's an awesome little clip there. Congrats :)
    Gee, I'm jealous about that prize though ;)

  2. very cool. You've got to love Dicko!

  3. yes Fiona - it's a fantastic prize hey! ;) If you want it - you will have to wrestle Harri for it! :)

  4. well done you guys...anyone who is as passionate about a football team as you all are deserves all that gear!!!!!!


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