Saturday, 19 March 2011

No More Training Wheels

Today we decided that Harri was going to get his training wheels off his bike.  He is usually pretty confident, but when it came to taking of his training wheels, he wasn't so happy. We had to do lots of talking about how good he was going so he didn't burst into tears.  If I said 'you are a little wobbly, just remember to keep your wheel straight' he would burst into tears and say 'but my wheel was wobbly before Mum and you kept saying I was going good!'.

He wasn't so sure about us letting go for about half an hour or so, and would burst into tears as soon as he thought we were going to let go. There was lots of talking about how all the footy players don't cry when they get hurt, but they just get up and keep trying.  That spurred him on :)

Half and hour later he started to get it and could ride a little way without us helping him to balance.

After about an hour at the park and lots of tears and telling him he was going really well, he was riding up and back from the fountain to the gate without either of us holding him.

Just like Jalen when he got off his training wheels Harri knew that if he kept trying and didn't give up, he could choose a book to buy once he could do it. He was really excited to then go into town and buy a Star Wars book.


  1. Well done Harrie ..what a star you are now you can ride without those training wheels...reat will be training to ride in the Christmas Carnivals soon i just know ...a tassie bike star.

  2. WHERE'S HIS HELMET!? You are such bad parents.

    I've always thought that. :P

  3. I'm just a lurker, usually, but that last photo of Harri riding by himself with Aaron behind him is priceless! His facial expression is too adorable.

  4. Good job Hazza!

    I couldn't stop thinking when i read this "where is his helmet?!"

  5. CONGRATS! Learning a to ride without training wheels can be really scary so it's a HUGE accomplishment when they do. I love that you let them pick out a book. Perfect!


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