Sunday, 6 March 2011

Umbrellas, boardwalks and an island

When I told Aaron about my attempt to go to Tamar Island with Kobe and Noah, and he read my blog, he said that the next sunny day off we would all go together as a family. I knew all of us going together would be a lot easier, than the last time we went, as it meant someone could push Kobe in his stroller when he got sick of walking. 

Kobe loved having all of his big brothers with him this time.

When Noah got his new wheelchair, the Seating Clinic weren't keen on putting his old sunshade attachment back on the new chair. When the sunshade is on, you can't see anything ahead of you and it can be quite dangerous, as you can run into anything (and that's definitely not good when you get broken bones very easily).

Instead they suggested that we go to the golf shop and get an attachment that clamps onto the chair, and get a golf umbrella to use as a sunshade and windshade, as well as an umbrella when it's raining.  The golf umbrella is HUGE, but it works a treat as it is UV resistant, is dark underneath so it gives Noah a lot of protection, the silver on top reflects the sun, can be moved to stop the sun at different angles, and Noah was really cool the whole time under the shade, instead of overheating like he usually does. 

I was wondeirng how the boys would like it as it's not exactly the most exciting walk, but they actually really enjoyed themselves.

It was a lovely afternoon and nice to all go there together.

It was also nice to actually make it to the island this time.


  1. You've inspired me to go now - soon, one day....

  2. looks like a really nice place! Will have to go there one day...
    Gorgeous photos! :)
    Cool umbrella for Noah - sounds great

  3. Must say, this looks like a great day out with the family. I must remember to take the camera next time we go out. So many great photos missed out on.

  4. you sure made it look so much more attractive than i did with your calendar photos....sniff sniff....but it is a tranquil piece of nature isnt it????

  5. Its such a serene walk isn't it....the perfect backdrop for photos. I love all the shots, the colour and light are gorgeous.

  6. What a magical place! Glad it was a success this time around! LOVE the umbrella idea, and love the family shot!!!

  7. YOU guys are CUTE! I love your family and that your husband was mindful of your wishes and took you back together. FUN! And that last picture of you? GORGEOUS!!! xxx


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