Monday, 20 December 2010

Off They Go!

This afternoon we headed out to the airport to say goodbye to the Woodwards, as they head off to live in the USA for 12 months. Simone and I are going to miss our very fun gym buddy very much.

The boys will miss their gym buddies as well. Whenever we are in class together when school isn't on, the kids are always in the childcare together. On Saturday night the Woodwards came for tea and Harri was sitting there and all of a sudden says 'Gary...I like you!'. Then he went around the whole Woodward family and said 'Phebe I like you, Eliza I like you' etc. Tonight he said 'I'm going to miss the Woodwards'.

Kobe knew Eden was going on a plane and was pretty excited about it (he actually wanted to go on it too!).

But I think Lisa was more excited!

Seeing Lisa's Dad say goodbye to Eliza, made me tear up. I was strong up until then.

I'm so excited for them to go as it will be an amazing year for them, but it's also so hard to say goodbye to such lovely friends.

On Saturday we were telling Phebe how we used to babysit her and how we used to change her nappy. She had quite a laugh about it with us and said now she is paying us back by helping us with our kids (as she was entertaining Harri and Kobe all night).

The lucky ducks will be spending a week in California before they head to Utah to live, and will be spending up to 7 days at Disneyland, including Christmas Day there!

Eden was excited to see the plane. Tonight they were just heading to Melbourne, and then in the morning they make the 14 hours plane trip to LA. I hope Eden sleeps for some of it, as it's going to be a long trip with a two year old!

One last cuddle with Kobe.

Gary, the rockstar couldn't get on the plane fast enough! :)

Noah wasn't very impressed about them leaving.

Eden blew Kobe one last kiss, before they headed off to the plane - sooooo cute!

We were laughing at Lisa who was a little bit excited as she boarded the plane - waving things in the air, and carrying on.

It had been pouring with rain on the way out to the airport, but just before the plane took off a rainbow appeared! Such a beautiful send off to a lovely family. Have a fantastic 12 months Woodwards! Talk to you very soon.


  1. AAh I comfort myself that it is only for 1 yr and not forever. I can't believe after talking about it for so long, today finally arrived. :(

  2. :( Good byes are so tender.... I'm sorry you'll be missing a dear friend for a time.

  3. aww that made me tear up. How cool is that last shot!!!!!!

  4. what part of Utah? If she's close enough to me I'll befriend her!

  5. I can't WAIT to hear how they love Utah. :) Isn't technology a GREAT thing? They won't seem so far away.


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