Saturday, 5 March 2011

"I brushed my teeth"

Jalen just spent three days/two nights away at his first ever school camp.  It was a grade 5/6 camp at Camp Banksia (Port Sorrel).  He was so excited to go as he has been waiting to go to camp for years.  I was excited for him, but I have to admit I was a little sad seeing him go off and knew we were going to miss him.   We waited for the bus to leave and the boys gave him the thumbs up as they drove away.

As soon as Kobe realised he was gone he started bawling. I went to take a photo of him and as soon as he saw the camera, he puts on a big smile for me!

Jay took our little point and shoot camera with him and promised me he would take lots of photos for me to see (what a good boy ;).  He came back with lots of cool pics and was so excited to show them all to me and tell me what they got up to.  These are the boys that he shared a cabin with.  They were assigned to cabins after choosing three friends they wanted to share with. They were promised they would be with at least one friend.  I was so happy to see who he got to share with as they are all lovely boys and get along well.

They did lots of different activities including a sand sculpture competition. 

They were split into groups to do different things such as orienteering, kayaking and photography.  This is his group on their photography activity.

He was very proud to show me the photos that he took during the activity. 

Before they came back to school, they went to the Don River Railway for a train ride and tour which he loved (oh I can't wait to get my hands on that hair and give it a cut!).
It was fun seeing all the excited and happy kids return home yesterday.  The boys are lucky to go to such a great school, with lovely kids. Jay ran straight up to Kobe and gave him the biggest hug.  The funniest thing was that I noticed that his face was a little sunburnt, so I asked him if he put his sunscreen on. He looked guilty and said 'no I forgot sorry, BUT I did brush my teeth!' as he knew I would be happy with that!

We missed Jay a lot while he was away.  The house was strangely quiet at night when the other boys in bed.  Usually we have Jay chatting away all night, telling us random information about anything and everything.  I love the age that he is at right now - old enough to be independent and lots of fun with his crazy personality, but not too old to think that he's too cool for us...just yet.  

It was nice to lay on my bed with him last night watching our favourite TV show (Biggest Loser) together, having a cuddle. He kept saying 'I missed you guys'.   I'm sure it won't be long until he's a little bit too cool to hang and cuddle with his Mum :(


  1. Looks like great fun Jay! :)
    Love that pic of Kobe with the tears - so cute

  2. too funny. Darby came home Friday from camp too all red and sunburned and had chapped lips. She didn't shower or wash her face the whole time!!!! Must ask her if she brushed her teeth!!

  3. You've got a special boy there - I love the last photo of the both of you. Actually you're pics have been a little different lately (like the top two on this blog) I love the new style. xo


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