Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Last week was the boy's swimming carnival (for grades 3-6).  Kobe and I went and picked up Noah and Di from school so that Noah could spend the afternoon watching Jalen swim as well.

 It was nice being able to get him out of his chair to enjoy the warm afternoon.

Kobe was excited about the toddler pool, but was actually happier just hanging out with Jay for the afternoon.

The whole afternoon he just kept rubbing Jay's freshly shaved head.

We kept joking with Jalen that his bald head would make him more streamlined and a lot faster in the pool - it wasn't the case though. He actually chose to just do the novelty events so he could just have fun without having to stress about where he placed. 

I often feel guilty that Jay isn't a confident swimmer, and feel like I've let him down, because we were too busy with dealing with Noah when they were both young young to take him to regular swimming lessons or to take him to the pool very often. We are lucky that Jay is so easy going though and doesn't let things worry him.   I've made a deal with him that this year I will take him swimming a lot more and practice doing strokes together, so he can become more confident in the water. Hopefully by next summer he won't need to worry about having a streamlined head to swim faster :)


  1. his new hairstyle really suits him you know... well maybe a few hairs longer !!!!!

  2. I sit here and dreamily look at these beautiful swimming pictures as it snows. (sigh) I'm ready for sun. :) I LOVE the pictures. I LOVE cute, freckle faced Noah!

  3. Yes.. I'm with Becky.. this post just wants me to hit the pool!!! but then I remember where I am.....:)

  4. I wouldn't worry about Jay not having swimming lessons. You obviously give so much of yourself to your kids already Lisa. Thankfully we live in a water loving country so I'm sure he'll be just fine :)

    P.S he's bound to be a footy player anyway right?


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