Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A glimpse of summer!

Since our hike at Bakers Beach with the girls from church, I've been saying to Aaron that we should go there with the boys, as it's such a pretty and secluded place. Yesterday was a long weekend, so finally we got to go for a drive and spent a couple of hours at the beach.

It was actually a beautiful sunny day.  Not hot, but quite mild and warm enough to have a splash in the water (or at least my feet did - Aaron was brave and went right under). It actually felt a little bit like summer!

We had no idea what the access was going to be like for Noah and after dragging his very heavy chair over a track of sand and then over a pile or rocks, we finally got him onto the beach.

Once we were on the beach, there was a lot of hard wet sand from where the tide had gone out close to the soft sand, so Aaron dragged him onto the hard sand for me and I took him for a lovely walk up the beach. It was so nice to be able to take him for a walk, especially as he was wide awake.
The boys loved having a splash...

and playing a bit of footy...

 and a dig...

Aaron and I enjoyed laying on the beach in the sun in peace, while the boys went for a walk. 
It was getting on in the afternoon, but it was so hard to drag ourselves away.  We actually had the whole beach to ourselves at one stage, which is why it was so nice. It was definitely worth dragging Noah's wheelchair across the sand for a lovely afternoon on a secluded beach.

As we were driving out we spotted a wombat in the wild and also two kangaroos.

Kobe almost scared them away with him screaming 'hop, hop, hop!' but they were obviously used to people being around and stayed close to us for quite a long time.

I kept thinking how much all our friends in the USA would love to see kangaroos and wombats like this in the wild! 
It was nice to have just a little glimpse of summer again, before it disappears completely.


  1. I love it there - used to camp there a LONG time ago! Wasn't the weather spectacular?

  2. oh, I've camped there too! Lovely spot! I've seen some really cool beach wheel chairs, with kind of float looking wheels, but it wouldn't be worth the hassle for a Tasmanian summer I don't think!!!

  3. This is great, i really loved the foot in the water pic and the football pic! :D

  4. what a lovely day! Noah looked so happy being wheeled along the beach!
    i think i could see a smile :)

  5. Looks like a lovely day, i've never been to that beach!
    Love the pic of you and Noah walking, and Kobe in the waves.

  6. what a fun day!
    haha to kobe's crack!
    cute hat harri ;)

  7. cute bottom Kobe!!!
    i thought jay only had one hat!!
    OK hat harri!! :)
    Glad to see noah hangin at the beach!!!!

  8. What a DREAMY day! All by yourself on the beach. PERFECT! Love the pictures. :)


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