Saturday, 26 March 2011


This afternoon we headed down to Gunns to see the Tassie girls - Esther and Ali from the TV show My Kitchen Rules.  They were doing a cooking demo for about an hour and being interviewed at the same time and talking to the audience.  It was fun to hear about which contestants they didn't like and who they got along well with, and about how the show runs.

When Esther had finished cooking we got to have a try of her meatballs which all the boys loved.

Afterwards they hung around to say hi to people, sign things and have photos taken. They were really lovely and just as nice in real life as they seem on the show. It's hard to believe that they are actually police officers and also such great cooks.   Supposedly cheeky Aaron said to Jay 'if only your Mum could cook and look as they do!'.  They are gorgeous girls and supposedly both single! Some guy(s) need to snap them up!

The show has already finished filming and they weren't allowed to say anything, but fingers crossed for them that they actually win. 


  1. I'd love to hear who they liked and didn't like! You'll have to fill us in Lisa :-)
    Can't believe they're both single. They're gorgeous!

  2. How fun!! (ps. You're every bit as pretty!)

  3. Single you say, haha.

    Funny verification word...noman, seems very appropriate


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