Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Shave #2

Today at school Aaron shaved his head for the Leaukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave.  Even though the offical shave dates were when Jay shaved his head, the whole month is dedicated to raising money for the foundation.  Kobe and I arrived just as one of the Prefects had shaved his hair right down.

Because he did it for the first time last year, he was feeling a bit braver this year and decided to shave it totally this time - with a razor!

It was a little scary watching the students shave his head. I was wondering how many cuts he was going to get, but they did well.

Supposedly the aftershave balm was VERY cold! :)

Kobe was quite impressed with the new look.

Mr King thought he might sport the 'towel look' to class after lunch.  I'm not sure whether he could pull it off though!

It's amazing how fast Jay's hair has grown back since his shave. It is so much darker than it was before. Hopefully it won't be long till Aaron's grows back too! I'm still undecided about what I think, but it's all for a good cause.


  1. Well done to both your "boys"!

  2. Good job Mr King....fantastic cause i agree... as for handsome Lisa ...well i wouldnt go that far!!!!!!

  3. Brrrrrr...good excuse to pull out the Hawks beanie I reckon :) Good on you Aaron.

  4. suits them both! naaa.... dont spoil it with a Hawks beanie lol

  5. I LIKE it! :) Seriously. He can pull off the bald look. Good for you Aaron! (he just needs a little sun to give his white head a little color)

  6. well done, Aaron :) It looks great. When did Kobe get so BIG!?

  7. Lisa, I think the shaved look really suits Aaron...and I love Kobe's expressiion!



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