Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Better than Top Gear

Kobe woke up this morning at 6 am and the first thing he says is 'me go Wiggles 'day?!'.  We had been counting down the months until we could go and see the Wiggles live and he knew that today was the day.  We got tickets with Lynne, Pip and Ben, Simone and Kellie and all their kids.  I was one of the crazy ones who lined up before the ticket office even opened and was lucky enough to get front row seats.  It was so much fun being right up near the stage and seeing all their expressions. 

Anthony even started climbing over our seats with Wags the Dog on his back to reach a child behind us who had a bone for wags! 

Simone cracks me up as she doesn't really know the Wiggles very well and her kids don't even watch them! What kind of Aussie Mum of four doesn't know the Wiggles!?  She thought it would still be fun to bring Jonty along. Murray came up to say hi to him but Jonty was shy and hid behind Simone.

Every time we go to a Wiggles concert we forget to bring roses along for Dorothy, so this time we made sure we did it. Pip picked some out of her garden for us, and it was fun to be able to pass them to Sam as they came around and collected them.

Kobe was very excited to go, but when we got there he was like a stunned mullet! He just sat there in awe, staring at them and hardly saying anything.  When Dorothy came out, Anthony came over to us and looks at Kobe and asked what his name was. I said it was Kobe and he then said 'Dorothy, this is Kobe...he has a top on just like you' and told Dorothy to say hi to him.  Kobe was so shy and just gave her a little wave and a very shy 'hi'.

 I think most of the kids were just in awe that the Wiggles were right in front of them on stage.  Cam though was going for it and grooving away to every dance!

It was a fantastic show with some new songs and also lots of old favourites.They also had lots of jokes for the adults, including Captain Feathersword playing 'Stairway to Heaven' on the guitar.

One of my favourites was 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' when they turned off all the lights.

Simone went to Melbourne last week and surprised Simon by taking him to see the live show 'Top Gear'. She wasn't really looking forward to the Wiggles, but she cracked me up as half way through she said 'I didn't think this was going to be very good, but it's better than Top Gear!'.  We had a great time and it was definitely worth the money. 


  1. Lisa such fantastic pictures, looks like everyone had fun.

  2. Ha ha ha I am falling out of my seat at the title!!!! It was a great show, maybe it was better cos we had such good seats too.

    I love the way you have done some pics big and some small and the way you got all the kids stunned expressions.

    Cam was such a groover. He kept cracking me up.

    Yup Anthony is definitely the cute Wiggle!!

  3. Great photos of a great day! The Wiggle's are fantastic for kids and great that they put in some adult humour as well. We saw them in Hobart last year but Launceston looks much more personal and smaller which would have been nice.

  4. Looks like you had fun.
    Love Mum.

  5. Kobe was still STUNNED when i saw him at 1 pm today so it must have been a good show...he he

  6. WOW! Great pictures. Wiggles came out after my kids were grown so we never got into them...looks like a great show though!

  7. we missed out this year!! Looks like it was a goodie and so cool you got seats right up the front.
    Go the wiggles :)


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