Friday, 11 March 2011

Christening the new chair

Last night we went to the Hawthorn training session, before they play in the NAB cup challenge match tonight against Melbourne.   Our friend works for Hawthorn and took the boys up to the coaches box for a look.  They thought it was pretty cool.  Harri asked a million and one questions...'what does this button do?', 'does the window open?', 'who sits here?'.

Cheeky Kobe kept looking through the window at us.

It was a short training session, and not many people came to watch which was good as it meant we got lots of time with the players, and they were happy to hang around and sign lots of autograph, chat and get photos taken.

 Alistair Clarkson even drew on Kobe and Jalen's nose when he was chatting to them. 

 It was just a couple of hours after Jay got his head shaved, and he kept saying that his head was really cold, even though it was a mild night.
Even Hawka kept rubbing his head, and giving him the thumbs up saying his new hair do was cool.

Harri cracks me up.  He never cares at all what anyone thinks about him, and sat there trying to act all cool, while Alistair Clarkson (the Hawthorn coach) was sitting right across from the stairs from him.

Aaron was lucky enough to be able to take Noah in the player's race, so that they could sign the back of his new wheelchair that had just been covered the day before. 

The old guy that works for the team kept saying to the boys 'come and meet Noah boys, he has grown out of his old wheelchair, so we need to sign it again for him'.  All of them were more than happy to stop and say hi and sign it for him which was lovely.

Of course I was the most excited to see Hodgie and get his autograph on Noah's chair.

He's always so lovely to him. 

Hodgie couldn't find any space to sign his name as he was the last to do it, so Aaron had to move a clip so he could sign his name under it. Hodgie started laughing and said that if Noah doesn't like him, at least he could cover up his name with the clip!
We were able to almost get the whole team - just need Sam Mitchell and Grant Birchall.  Aaron was very excited to have the chair christened so soon after getting it covered.

I think that the $8000 chair is now worth about $20,000! ;)


  1. That is sooooo awesome! One of my favourite blogs - how special.

  2. I LOVE how you have such personal contact with the would NEVER see that over here in the states. Very cool!!! LOVE THE CHAIR!

  3. haha, Harri cracks me up!
    Love the chair, Noah! :)


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