Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Erryn Eilis

Today Noah and I met Simone at the hospital, to visit our gym buddy Kellie. She had finally given birth to a beautiful little girl - Erryn Eilis (pronounced Eye-lish), two weeks after her due date!

We were all hoping she would've had her before Lisa went to America, but it wasn't to be. Erryn was just way too comfy in there!

It's amazing that she was so tiny, especially considering she came two weeks past her due date.

It won't be long until Simone has her own little one to hold in her arms!

Noah dozed on and off while we were there, but when he was awake he was so alert and wondering what was going on, with this little thing next to him.

Congratulations Kellie and Dave!! She is beautiful and we know that she is very lucky to join your beautiful little family.


  1. awww, too cute! Loving the hair! And the comment about Simone being not long till she has her own little ONES.... is she having twins?!!!

  2. hahah - whoops!! NO Simone isn't having twins!! that was a HUGE typo!! She's going to kill me!! :)

  3. that is a gorgeous little girl...and i love the name....

  4. So beautiful!! Kellie looks great for just having a baby.

  5. What a cutie! Great photos Lisa. Kellie is looking great.

  6. Didn't even notice the typo. All I was looking at was the amazing photo I took of you and Erryn!! :) What's with the crappy shot of me - couldn't you have photoshopped it a bit?? Or is that the photoshopped version and its as good as its gonna get?? LOL.

    I love that last one of Kell and Erryn. How gorgeous are they!!


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