Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Shave!

Jalen woke up this morning very excited to know that it was finally THE day to shave his head. When I picked him up from school he had a big grin, and I asked him if he was nervous and he said he was, but said that he was also excited.  By the time we got home I could tell that he was really nervous, and after Aaron talked to him about it, I saw him get a few tears in his eyes.

I asked him if he was sad and then the tears really started flowing and he said he was feeling a bit sad about doing it and worried.  We sat down with him and asked him why he was sad and he said that he was just worried about what he would look like and we talked about the people who have cancer, and feel the same and they are also very, very sick and how the money he has raised is going to help them.

After a little cry and a deep breath, he was ready.

Aaron decided that he was the chief shaver, and started hacking away at his hair with the scissors first.

By the end of it he was feeling a lot happier and really glad that he did it.

He kept saying that us rubbing his head felt really funny. I think he's going to have to get used to it, as I'm sure a lot of people will be rubbing it over the next couple of weeks. 

No idea what is happening here, but no doubt Aaron said something silly!

I was so proud of him for doing such a good thing to help others.  I actually felt like having a bit of a cry myself - not because I was sad about his hair, but just because I knew how hard it was for him to do it, but he still went ahead and did it and was happy to help others.  I think sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have such a thoughtful boy.  He has always been really sensitive and aware of others.

He was excited when we told him to celebrate he could choose what we had for tea.  His eyes lit up and he asked 'does that include take away!!?'.  I said yes, so of course he chose Maccas.  When we were there a lot of people were looking at him and I know they were probably wondering whether he actually had cancer himself. We got a lot of sympathetic smiles.

Aaron made this video after the shave tonight. 

He is still fundraising until the end of the month. At the moment he is the 18th highest individual fundraiser in Tasmania.  If you haven't already and are able to, please click on the link at the top right of this blog to sponsor him for a fantastic cause. 


  1. I think he looks SO GREAT! He can rock the good looks with our with OUT hair. I'm so proud of him...made me teary this morning just reading about it! Way to go Jalen!

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  3. Love it Jay, I'm proud of you. Wish I was there to rub your head :D

  4. One of four wonderful sons. =)

    I'm sure you've had and will have many moments like this in the future, in which you'll just stand back and marvel. =)

  5. Jae, I couldn't be more proud than I am at this moment. You are one beautiful boy, and I love you.
    You are still really handsome. I love you.

  6. Wow, Jalen. You look great! Love the smooth look. I am very proud of you. I had cancer 11 years ago, and was bald for over six months while I had chemotherapy (completely smooth head - not even a stubble!) So I know what it is like but you have done a great thing with your fundraising. Enjoy the new you!

  7. I'm so proud to know you, Jay! You're such a thoughtful guy. :)

    Congratulations on raising so much money and especially for being so humble about it. You're an example to everyone, young and old.

    Love, Alison

    PS. Let's Toilet Train Superman VERY SOON.

  8. Way to go.... I could print off a photo and put it up here and at church.. maybe I could ask some kids here to do the same...with you as the best example.... what a leader!!! and of course.. your new look is what some boys have here,too...hugs and sloppy kisses to you all!!

  9. WELL DONE are a STAR... the best example ever...You are a stud with that shaved head...
    Lisa you should send that pic to GARNIER surely it is worth a $100 bucks for the sdvertising...?????

  10. a.......w......e.......s......o.......m...........e!

  11. This is so awesome Jay! You are so wise.

  12. I hope I get a chance to feel your head before it all grows back. We're all so proud of you. Little Alex declared, "Jay's hair's gone......gone!"

  13. it suits you jay! well done with all your hard work you champion.

    cousin carli

  14. Great job Jay - makes you look heaps older!

  15. I love all the facial expressions - Aaron looks like a crazy man on a mission and Jalen doesn't look too sure.... then its all smiles at the end. Well Done Jalen, you did it. You look really good too - your bald head brings out your eyes :)

  16. i felt a bit teary reading this... i don't even know Jalen, but felt very proud! What a great kid!!!


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