Thursday, 9 December 2010

Meeting Jack

Tonight we headed out to meet my newest nephew, Jack. Becky was very lucky and had him on Tuesday, even though she isn't due until tomorrow. They came home from hospital today.

We couldn't believe how tiny he was. He was at least 2 pounds lighter than any of my boys were, and the lightest of Jared and Becky's kids so far.

Noah was wide awake, so it was nice he could meet him and get a photo taken with him.

Kobe wasn't at all interested in having a look at him, but instead just wanted to play outside on the bikes. Harri was the same, but we bribed him long enough to stand still for a photo with him. He did ask 'do I have to hold him!?' when we asked him if he wanted a hold.

Jay on the otherhand couldn't wait for a cuddle.

He was sitting playing away with his tiny hand and said 'I hate it when babies cry', and I said I did too and reminded him that it's the way they communicate and then he said ' I know, but it just breaks my heart'. What a softy!

Kelsea is so excited to have a baby brother. Jared and Becky were telling us that she asked 'why didn't I have a sister!?' when he was born as she had been praying that the baby would be a girl.

Eamon seems pretty happy to have a little brother too. Hopefully the novelty won't wear off to quickly.

Becky looked great - not at all like she just had a baby - although she did say she was tired. Jared loved telling us the labour stories of Becky telling off the midwife who was encouraging her, and Becky yelling at her 'how would you know, you haven't even had a baby!!'. It's something I couldn't ever imagine Becky doing.

It's exciting to have another little man join our family. That makes 9 boys and 3 girls on my side of the family. Maybe Eden and Steph will even up the numbers with a girl, when their little one arrives early next year.


  1. Oh he's so cute!!! I love the photo of Jack and Noah!


  2. cute!

    i thought you were in the 'hood...bad vibes around here this arvo...

  3. Nothing sweeter than a new baby from heaven! Congrats to that cute family. :)

  4. Becky looks great. Jack is so cute!! (and small)

  5. Great photos! He has such nice skin, and Becky looks great! Thanks for the sneak preview, we're hoping to see him today.

  6. Yay, I finally got to see him, nice pics. Wonder when the blessing will be?

  7. Oh he still has heaven rubbed all over him! SO SWEET!


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