Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Searching for the Reindeer

It's the time of the year again where we head into town to search for the nine pictures of reindeer in shop windows, hoping we will find them all and be in the running to win a plasma TV.

Because we decide to make a fun day out of it and catch the free tiger bus into town to look for the reindeers, we decided to wait until school holidays so that Aaron and Kobe could also come, while Di was home caring for Noah. I wasn't keen on attempting to take Noah on the bus, even though it said it has access for a wheelchair. The boys were just as excited about catching the bus for five minutes into town, than what they were to look for the reindeer.

They thought it was very cool that the bus driver was dressed up as an elf.

Kobe was excited to catch a bus for the first time.

He knew we were going to look for the reindeer, but I think he thought we were looking for the real reindeer!

We found all of the reindeers really easily with the clues that we had printed out, and with the help of another lady on the bus who overheard that we were looking for them as well. We swapped a few locations (as I had seen a couple in town during the week), and also ran into her while we were searching, and swapped a couple more locations to cut down the time running around.

Poor Kobe was so excited when we found Dasher, as he was on the Crazy Golf window. He thought we were going to go and play Crazy Golf, and when we told him we weren't he burst into tears!

Harri got tired of it after about an hour and asked 'Mum, do you really want to win a TV!?'. I asked him why he wanted to know that, and he said 'because I'm feeling really tired now and don't want to look for the reindeer anymore!'.

He also thought that once we found all nine it meant we had won a TV, so he was disappointed when we went to put our entry forms in the barrel in the mall, and he saw the hundreds of other entries. Fingers crossed we may be the lucky ones and have our entry form pulled out, but if not it was another fun day searching for the reindeer.


  1. What a SAD face!!! Cute Kobi. My fingers and toes are crossed for you! :)

  2. Like how Harri endured to the end.
    Good luck.
    Love Mum.


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