Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Noah's Happy Voice

Our friend Becky was surprised when we said that Noah can yell a LOT (when he is grumpy) because her son Ben didn't make any noise because he had a trach.

I've been meaning to video Noah when he's doing lots of yelling so Becky can see what he is like (it goes on for hours and hours and hours), but so far he has been really happy and settled, so I haven't had the chance.

We did however get to video him when he was really happy the other day and doing lots of 'talking'. I wanted to have a cuddle with him, so got Aaron to bring him up to the couch for me and next thing I know he was all smiles and talking, as he was so happy to have some time with Mum.

His grumpy voice is a lot different - it's a constant yell with a strained look on his face - not the cheeky face he has on during this video. I'll have to video that another time.


  1. BEST VIDEO EVER! We all sat around watching it like 10 times. Thanks for sharing that with us. :) Give Noah a big kiss from us! xxx

  2. Love him like this :) Love him any way, but especially like this :) Great video :)

  3. Wonderful video, love seeing Noah so happy. Hugs

  4. I love it when you do posts like this and we get to see a glimpse of Noah's cheekiness. He looked very content laying there with his favourite person in the world.

  5. Love Noah's happy voice! It's great to have as a reminder to play when he is grumpy.

  6. we have heard it a couple of times in church ... especially when the chior is singing....but not like this ...wonderful... love ya Noah...my lipstick is getting a bit caked...i havent been able to give you a Nettie kiss for a while!!!!

  7. Haven't seen that happy face for a while, or heard that happy voice either.
    He must like everyone being home.
    Love Mum.


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