Saturday, 4 December 2010

Farewell BBQ

Today was perfect summer weather for a farewell BBQ for the Woodwards. I hate to think that they are leaving in 16 days, but am excited for all the adventures that they will have for 12 months in the USA. Lisa organised some games for the kids...

We are going to miss them all so much. They will have to lock Phebe away while she is over there. She will have those American boys after her - she's a gorgeous girl, inside and out.

Kobe is going to miss Eden so much. He is already crying after the gym because he wants to go to her house to play every day. I'm not sure how he will cope when she's not even at the gym to play with every morning.

Eden is just reminding all the girls to back away from him, as Kobe is hers even though she's going away for a year!

I'm going to miss all the laughs with Lisa every day. Thank goodness for blogs, facebook and Skype as I don't think I would cope too well without Lisa and her sense of humor for a year (thanks Georgia for the rabbit ears! :).

Can't wait to hear about all your amazing adventures Woodwards!!


  1. Thanks for everyone who came...I'm going to miss ALL the King family... even Aaron :)

  2. Cool photo of the Lisa's!!! :)

  3. Oh It's hard to say good bye to good friends...

  4. They sound WONDERFUL! I'm grateful you have such amazing friends. :)


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