Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Last Week With My Gym Buddy

It's been a big week at the gym, with my gym buddy Lisa. It's hard to believe that they are actually leaving tomorrow to live in the USA for 12 months. I'm really, really excited for them as it will be an amazing experience for them, but I'm also going to really, really miss them. I'm going to miss all the fun that we have at the gym with Lisa up the back corner :)

Lisa showing us how she's going to come back from the USA being a trainer ;)

All the trainers at our gym are awesome, and make classes lots of fun. They all know that Lisa is leaving, so the classes this week were dedicated to her. In Core they had lots of tracks for Lisa, including George Michael (her favourite!). They then got her up on stage to do the last track with them.

At the end of class the trainers gave her some presents, including this really cool pen with a photo of the three Core trainers in it. Lisa was cracking up laughing and loved it.

During the week our trainer Thomas sent me a message saying we should do something for Lisa during our last Attack class before she went away (one day we WILL have calf muscles just like Thomas! ;).

Thomas filmed the whole class so Lisa could take the disc with her to America. During the running track Lisa and I thought we would amuse ourselves (and half of the class!) by jumping up to the camera every time we would run past. I think we did more laughing that exercising on Friday!

For the last track 'Thanks for the Memories', Thomas got us both up to do it with him. It's always strange doing it up on stage because you are opposite leg to what you do it on the floor, so I'm constantly watching to see what leg we should be starting on.

There's nothing better than trainers who love to eat cake! Thomas also organised a cake for after class which Lisa shared with all of us and our kids who had been in the child care as it was the first day of school holidays.

Thank goodness for Facebook, blogs and Skype! It's hopefully going to make the next 12 months or so go a lot faster.


  1. AAAWWWW I'm going to miss ya too...
    No matter what Gaz and Aaron say, we are TOTALLY loved by everyone at the gym... Love it how both blogs are gym theme at the same time!! miss ya ...

  2. LISA! You have mad dancing skillz! :) Loved watching you up on stage. Maybe that's one thing we DON'T have in common. I do NOT have rhythm. What a great send off for your cute friend.

  3. aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh love how all the pics are basically me and thomas ha, im pretty sure i will be missed most of all :P


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