Thursday, 23 December 2010


It's always a big week in our house this week...not just because of Christmas and school holidays, but because Aaron has his birthday - two days before Christmas! I guess I should be grateful that it's not on Boxing Day like some other people we know. I hate that Aaron's birthday is so close to Christmas, but he absolutely loves it - especially now that he is a teacher and always gets to be on school holidays for his birthday.

Poor Kobe was very confused this morning when Aaron got to open up some presents but no one else did! He was crying and crying as he thought it was finally Christmas and was upset that we kept saying he still had to wait to open up the presents under the tree.

Harri said this morning that Aaron was 'the boss today' because it was his birthday! I'm glad he realised that I am the boss every other day!! ;) Because he was the boss he decided that he wanted to play Crazy Golf which Kobe was very excited about - especially as he wanted to go there last week. Di came and did In Home Support so that we could go. Kobe loved the mirror maze after an intial freak out.

His putting style was not very conventional, but at least he had fun!

We couldn't resist a photo next to the 'Kings' on the wall.

Aaron was determined that he was going to win on his birthday and was trash talking us all last night. He has been bragging all afternoon that he won, but I reminded him there's not much to brag about when you beat an 11, 6 and 2 year old and the only adult he played against had a handicap because of the two year old helping me out!

As we were heading back to the van to come home we walked past the Fairies shop. Every time we drive past it Kobe gets soooooo excited and yells 'me, me, me!!' as he wants to go in there. He watches the DVDs at the childcare at the gym.

As we were walking past he got so excited, so we decided to pop in quickly to let him have a look. Jay and Harri were totally disgusted and stood there -not so- patiently waiting for him to have a look so they could quickly get out of there before being spotted!

The lady was lovely and kept joking with the boys about the highlight of their school holidays would be going to the Fairies shop. They weren't so sure! She said we could go and look at the party/dance room if we wanted so Aaron couldn't resist a photo under the rainbow for his 38th birthday.

There was absolutely NO way that Jay was going to pose for a photo under the rainbow with him (getting to that age where he's too cool for school!).

For tea Aaron requested Thai chicken curry and bought cheesecake for his cake which suited me just fine.

38 is a lot of claps!


  1. What a fun birthday! Remember when I told Jay and Harri I was taking them to the Fairies for their birthdays? :P

    Aaron's face is priceless in the birthday video. "I'm so blessed! Hooray!"

    Happy Birthday, Aaron :)

  2. Hip, hip hooray!!!
    It looks like Aaron has a flower in his hair!!
    Love Mum.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON! You're an old man. :) I loved watching how sweet you were with Noah while they were singing your birthday song. Warms my heart!


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