Sunday, 26 December 2010

Our Christmas Day

We had a lovely Christmas day yesterday. Jalen appeared in our bedroom at 4am saying he 'needed to go to the toilet and Santa had been!' (he NEVER needs to go to the toilet during the night, so I think he was a little bit excited!). I told him to go back to bed and get back up at 6 am which he did. We waited for Kobe to wake at 6.15 am and then they couldn't wait any longer and had to get Harri up. Noah was actually awake at the time, so we got him up as well, but within two minutes he was back asleep!

We decided he could open his presents once he woke up properly and kept opening up present while he snoozed.

After a yummy breakfast and quiet morning at home (Aaron's Dad and Step Mum are in Melbourne with his sister) we headed out to Mum and Dad's. On the way we stopped at the cemetary to leave some flowers for Nan and Pop and Daniel (thanks Bec for the lovely roses). All morning I was thinking about Nan and Pop and how this was the first Christmas with them gone. We don't always see them on Christmas day, but it's always nice to know what they are up to, and I was really sad to think that they weren't here anymore.

We were shocked at the changes at Mum and Dad's house. They have been renovating for months and have been without a kitchen for three months, and it looks so good and different to before. The kitchen still isn't finished, but at least it was in and useable for Christmas day.

We had a yummy cold lunch of dips, crackers, nibblies, prawn cocktails, ham and salads.

Every year it gets noisier and noiser with the little kids having a great time together. Jay is a great big cousin to them and doesn't mind them chasing after him all the time. I captured this video while we were finishing off lunch. It cracks me up- especially Harri who is too cool to just run around like the rest of them, but had to take his DSi with him that he got for Christmas.

It was lovely having a new baby around again - although I'm so glad it's not be with a baby! Jack was so good all day. It won't be long and he'll be running around with the other kids.

Before Nicki and Alex headed off to Hobart we opened up presents.

Kobe got from us a Masterchef kitchen to play with (he loves his cooking toys), so he was so excited when Aunty Steph and Uncle Eden got him a Masterchef set with an apron, chef's hat and coat and cooking utensils. Steph had even embroided his name on it for him.

All of the girls got fairy costumes from Grandma and Grandpa and loved them, and wore them all day.

While a hot tea was cooking (turkey and all the trimmings) we enjoyed sitting around, catching up and riding the motorbikes.

Chloe and Kelsea went out and picked some flowers for Grandma. Chloe came in trying to wrap them up with some beads saying 'I'm making Grandma a beautiful present, which she is going to love!'. I think Grandma did love it.

Noah was so good all day. It was the best Christmas he had, had for years. He slept on and off, but was awake for most of the day and really settled and happy.

A lovely businessman had anonymously donated some money to St Giles a few weeks ago, saying that he wanted the money to go to kids for Christmas. We were lucky enough to be given a very generous gift voucher to buy some things for Noah, so he now has lots of lovely things to look at and listen to, as well as the plasma ball that we had already bought him. He loved looking at it last night while he was having his nightly nebs.

The only thing missing for Christmas was having Chrish with us, but we are looking forward to him coming down in a few weeks time.


  1. Looks like you had a lovely day. I LOVE the photo of Kobe in his Chef's outfit!

  2. Loved your video.'Jae is so patient with the little ones.
    It will be very interesting when they all hit their teens.
    Great photos as usual.
    Love Mum.

  3. Looks like a lovely day! Love the fairies - soo cute. Love little masterchef too. Did Jay get the ipod he desperately wanted? xxx

  4. I love to read about what other families do at Christmas time. Looks like you enjoyed a fun day with family too!

  5. you just have to love the fact that families all come together and there is so much noise and food and no one cares for just that one small period of time....I love Christmas too.
    Love Kobi's Master Chef outfit...
    but the fairy wings are the best on those little girls... go Nanna Lorraine...

  6. I love your tree - very beautifully decorated! Question: is tea "Australian" for dinner or lunch?
    Your mom's home is lovely, I love the wooden hutch in the kitchen entry!
    I love seeing pictures of your Christmas. Noah looked great in the photos!

  7. What a wonderful day! I'm glad that Noah had a settled Christmas this year. What a perfect gift. :) I love that boy! (and you guys too)

  8. Remind me to always be there when Kobe opens up presents! Poor Jay with everyone chasing him, I bet he wishes he had some older cousins. The video is great!


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