Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Celebration Evening

Last night was the annual 'Celebration Evening' for the boy's school. It was extra special last night as each of the boys were doing something in it. Every other year it has just been Jalen who has participated.

Because all the boys were involved we invited Alison to come along. Kobe thought it was fun having her there, especially as she let him use her video camera!

Grandma and Grandpa always come along too which the boys think is very special.

Grandma wasn't too happy about me flashing my camera around - look at her waving the papparrazzi away!

Harri sung two songs in the Early Childhood choir - the national anthem and then Rockin Robin. He was very excited as he knew it was a song that Michael Jackson had sung.

Listen out for Kobe's cute little voice saying 'Harri, Harri'.

Noah is lucky to have Miss Wells as his teacher this year. She was Jay's teacher last year and all the kids love her - especially as she always teaches them really cool dances. Jay's class did an awesome dance last year, and I think that this years was even better - especially since Noah was involved in it.

He had a bad night the night before, and also the morning of the Celebration Evening was spent with him yelling constantly for hours. I knew it was to do with his bowels, so I kept him home from school so I could give him a clean out. He was still pretty unsettled throughout the day and I really didn't want to put him up on the stage if he was going to be yelling the whole time, so gave him some morphine after hours of constant screaming. It meant that he finally settled down, but also that he was pretty sleepy from it, so he was settled but also slept through the whole thing - including the dance!

It was still special that he was involved in it and made an appearance towards the end of the dance (about 2 min 25 sec) in true Glee style :)

Jalen played the guitar and 'wash board' with the grade 4/5 bush band and also sang two songs with the Primary Choir - a Christmas song and then 'Hey Baby' which was hilarious as the girls were singing 'I want to know if you'll be my boy' and the boys were doing all these funny moves. I asked Jay if he enjoyed it and he pretended he's over choir now and was embarrased that he had to do it, but as you will see in the video he didn't look at all like he wasn't enjoying it! He told me it was all 'acting' :) (he is second from the right, in the burgandy top).

The end of the night always celebrates the grade 6 leavers. I can't believe that Jay is going to be one of those grade 6 leavers next year!! I just wish time could stop right now.


  1. I first read the blog on my ipod and thought "Oh, what a cute and lovely photo of me and Kobe!" but now that I'm looking at it on the computer I am horrified to see my wrinkles under my eyes! What did I do to deserve that!? :P :P

    My first wrinkles!

  2. I'm LAUGHING at Alison. She's funny. :) I love that three of your kids were in the show - how fun is that? Poor Noah though, sorry he wasn't feeling so well. I seriously can't picture the screaming because we hardly ever heard a peep out of Ben. Funny boy.

  3. Oh, and can I say how AWESOME that dance was? WOW! I'm impressed. Next time get closer. I love, love, LOVE that they included Noah. Fantastic!

  4. Becky! I'm not funny! I'm dealing with old age! :P

    Noah will scream the house down! Seems as though you got the quiet twin in Ben! :P

  5. I'm with Becky the dance was awesome! Love it that Noah is included - Miss Wells is a fantastic teacher.

  6. Thanks for those clips Lisa they are great - they never did anything like that at East Launceston when my David was there. That Miss Wells is just great - there are not many like her! The kids must have a great time getting to sing and dance the modern way and not stiff waltzes!!

    Ali Christie

  7. We must come and watch next year. Very impressed with Noah's performance. I have high expectations of teachers since your boys have had such fantastic ones!


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