Sunday, 12 December 2010

One Week...

until summer holidays! I'm so glad that Aaron decided to go to uni as a mature age student, and that he decided to become a teacher as it's the biggest blessing to have a husband who is a school teacher, as it means we have all the school holidays together. I really don't think I would come out with my sanity at the end of school holidays, if Aaron wasn't home with us.

This week is always an emotional one as the boys say goodbye to their teachers for this year, and as Aaron says goodbye to the grade ten students. This year he was the Prefect Co-ordinator again, but will be having a break from it next year. He has enjoyed doing it for the past few years, but feels like he's ready to hand it over to someone else, and just concentrate on being Grade Leader.

Last week was the school's leavers dinner. I love when he gets home from it with photos, so I can check out what everyone was wearing, and what he got up to. I'm sure if it wasn't for all the grey hair, he would look just like one of the students!



  1. He's such a big kid still, looks like all his students love him.

  2. LUCKY students! I'm sure they just love him. :)

  3. Lucky students and GREAT tie!

  4. I'm with you Lisa, I love that Matt is home for school holidays and that we have so much time together as a family.


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