Monday, 6 December 2010


Harri is at the age where he is constantly asking questions. I give him an answer, which brings on another question, and another question until he's driving me insane. I try to be patient and remind myself that he just wants to know, and try to give him an answer that will teach him something rather than just 'because that's how it is' (which is the answer I give him when I've been asked too many questions!).

Tonight Harri asked me 'why is Lisa W moving to America Mum?'. He couldn't work out why she would want to move over there. I explained to him that Gary had won something which meant he could go to America for a year and learn how teachers teach over there, and that Lisa and the girls had to go too as they would miss him.

He was okay with that answer, but I'm not sure if I'm okay with that answer! What about us missing them?! I'm really excited for them as I know how much Gary has wanted to do this, and know they are going to have some amazing experiences over there, but it's just not going to be the same without them around.

Eden came over for a play today and seeing Kobe and Eden together makes me laugh so much. They have a love/hate relationship where one minute they are best friends, and the next minute they are screaming at each other over a toy. Lisa and I say it's just preparing them for when they get married! :)

Hopefully in 12 months they will pick up where they left off, and still love hanging out with each other.


  1. :( good byes are so hard... hopefully 12 months will fly by! (though I'm excited to meet them!)

  2. Jordan used to be like Harri and ask why? all the time, sure hope my kids don't go through that stage!

  3. Sonn Harri will be asking "WHY did the Woodwards have to come back!! "... :)

  4. It's never easy...but at least they are coming back! :) We hope, right? After meeting April, they might want to STAY over here.

  5. Good question Harri. Why is Lisa putting her family and a most awesome adventure before her friends!!!!


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