Sunday, 5 December 2010

Lazy Sunday Mornings

Oh how I love Sunday mornings. It's usually the one day of the week that we don't have to rush getting up (if only Kobe would learn how to sleep in like his bigger brothers!). I love that Noah gets to lay in bed till after 11 am. Most mornings we have to get him up by at least 7am, to make sure I am able to get him ready for school on time. It's so nice that he can lay in bed and have all his neb treatments and puffers in bed.

This week we got a Christmas card from some old friends who we used to spend a lot of time in hospital with. Their grandaughter Courtney passed away over 5 years ago, and we were so blessed to have them give us all of her equipment that they no longer needed. Still 5 years on I always think of Courtney as Noah uses her hospital bed. Without it our life would be so much harder as we can raise the head up if needed. We often have it raised, especially if he isn't well and whenever we give him his nebs in bed.

Only a few more weeks of lazy Sunday mornings :(


  1. Soon you will all be in holiday mode! I hope Kobe learns to sleep in for you.

  2. Why only a few more weeks? Do you share a building with another ward? BUMMER! I love seeing the pictures of him in his element. Cute Noah. xxx


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