Thursday, 2 December 2010

Calendar Boy

Yesterday I got a big envelope in the mail from the 'Competition Company' that had rung to tell me I came 4th in the Smile photo competition.

Inside the letter was congratulating me for making it to the top 100 photo entries from over 19,000 entries (I can't believe that!) and as a small thank you they had put together a 2011 Smile Photography Calendar and said to look out for my photo in it.

Obviously everyone who made the top 100 got the calendar as the photos are all throughout the calender. I was frantically searching for my photo when I turned to September and there it was!! (footy final season of course!).

Kobe thought it was pretty cool being a calendar boy. Supposedly they are giving them out free at Centro (Meadow Mews) and I got another one today, but am going back when they locate the rest to stock up on more :)


  1. Nice, can u get me one please and put everyones birthdays on it?? Pretty please, with a cherry on top :D

  2. That's great Lisa, good job. Kobe is now a poster in up boy:)

  3. I'm so proud of you! And what a fantastic way to showcase your winning photo. Did you spend all your money yet? :)


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