Tuesday, 14 December 2010

End of Year Dinner

The girls and I often get together for tea on a regular basis, so we couldn't pass up another opportunity to go out before Christmas. We figure all work places have their annual Christmas dinner, so we should too.

We thought we'd venture away from our favourite Thai restaurant, and go back to Mexican again. Whenever we go there without fail Pip and Bec have nachos as they love them so much, but then complain about how sick they feel afterwards.

This time they actually loved them and didn't complain a bit!

I couldn't pass up my usual prawn and avocado salad - soooo yummy!

and we even lashed out on dessert ...

It's hard to believe that we went to Kinder together, and here we are 30 years later still talking all the time, going out for tea and chatting about kids, husbands, jobs and peak hour traffic in Launceston! :)


  1. That's funny Lisa!

  2. That's amazing! I don't have any friends from kinder. Lucky you! And Mexican? It's pretty much my favorite. :) BTW, what's prawn? And I'm glad you went out to celebrate. 30 years of friendship is pretty amazing!!!

  3. Yummy food, except the slice of cake doesn't look big enough. I spose 2 helpings would do the trick.

  4. Impressed to see that you and the girls polished off a bottle of tequila.

  5. he he SImone makes me laugh! All that practise with Thanksgiving pies! I think its so special you have those girls and have been friends so long. xox

  6. Oh isnt it lovely to play ladies (well girls) and catch up and revitalize friendsships every so often??? i take Auntie Floss out at least once a fortnight and she is 93 but we dont have anything as nice as that food looks The conversation is repeated a few times over ...she forgets things...but it is lovely and relaxing i must admit.. you never should put off till tomorrow what you can do today because tomorrow might not be there to do it.... something like that anyway...so true

  7. It is nice that you have such lovely friends Lee.
    To think you wanted to bring Pip home on the first day of kinder, for a sleep-over.
    Love Mum.


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