Saturday, 25 December 2010

Kobe's Christmas Joy!

For about a month Kobe has been obsessed with Barbies. I'm sure it's because he plays with them with his friend Eden and the other girls at the gym, and also sees it on Toy Story. Every time we go shopping he screams down the shop yelling 'Barbie, Barbie!!' whenever he spots the Barbie aisle.

Aaron and I decided that we would have to get him a Barbie for Christmas, and didn't think twice that it's not the usual thing you would give a boy. I say if a boy wants to play with a doll then that's great - I shouldn't stand in their way as I'm sure it's not going to last forever. The same thing if a girl wants to play with trucks or trains or stereotypical 'boy things'.

About the same time we decided to buy him a Barbie for Christmas, Lisa snuck a present under the tree for him from Eden - which was also a Barbie! We knew he was going to be so excited. Because they have gone to America we videoed him opening it this morning.

I think he LOVES his Barbie! Thank you Lisa and Eden!! He has been playing with it all day today.

A big post about Christmas day tomorrow. I'm too tired (and full of yummy food!) to do one right now.


  1. How cute is that kid?!!!
    Love Mum.

  2. Aaron's proudest moment. :) Kobe will LOVE this video when he's older. SO CUTE!!!


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