Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Traditions

Every December we have things that we like to do with the boys - go and see the Christmas lights, go to Carols By Candleight in the City Park, and have a special tea on Christmas Eve and read a Christmas story before bed.

This year we didn't get to the Carols by Candlelight because it was cancelled, but last Saturday night we went out once it was dark to see some Christmas lights.

Tonight we had our usual Christmas Eve tea - platters of meats, cheeses, dips, pate and fruit (dipped in chocolate of course!). The boys get so excited about sitting on the floor to do it and all day kept asking what time we were having tea.

Jalen heard a story at school called 'The Gift of the Magi' which he loved, so he kept asking all week if he could read us the story for Christmas Eve this year.

Harri didn't want to be left out, so he chose to read a story about the First Christmas - one of Kobe's picture books.

We got the stockings down ready for Santa to fill tonight, and Kobe straight away thought he knew what to do with it!

All day the boys have been looking at the Santa Tracker application on my iPhone and watching the official NORAD Santa tracker on the net. They were so excited at 6pm when Santa finally took off.

I don't think we will get much sleep tonight - we have three very excited little boys.

Hopefully Santa will be coming to all of them!

It's been a huge year with lots of blessings. It's so nice to be celebrating Christmas in our new house.


  1. Shoulda put some clinkers on that plate. I reckon Santa would have scoffed them down. Have a great day tomorrow (which starts in 10 min) it's been a great year with ya gym bud!! :)

  2. LAUGHING at your video. "Have you two been good boys? (ya) Doesn't look like it!" Sounds like the chatter that goes on over here in my house. :) Noah...I love seeing him on video.


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