Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Harri's 'Hawksome" 6th Birthday

Today is Harri's 6th birthday and also the first day of spring! It was the perfect spring day too. Harri woke up very excited as he had been counting down the days for months now. He had made a wish list of presents that he wanted...everything was to do with football or Hawthorn. Aaron ordered lots of things from the Hawks Nest store and we picked it up at Fab Friday a few weeks back as they brought our order down for us, to save on postage.

He was so excited to get lots of footy stuff...Hawks sock, Hawks footy shorts, Hawks shoelaces, Hawks model car, Hawks stickers and a book that teaches football skills which Harri says was THE best present. He loved his Buddy card and badge and didn't want to wear it to school in case he lost it. Inside Aaron had written something like 'we hope you have a Hawksome birthday', so all day we kept asking 'are you having a Hawksome birthday, Harri!?' to which we would get this strange look like 'what are you on about you crazy old people!' ;)

He also got a DS game which Jalen seems to have had more fun playing than Harri! :) Kobe was so excited about the whole birthday thing, until he realised that the presents weren't for him this time and he kept crying and pointing to himself saying 'me, me, me!!' as Harri kept opening the presents.

Poor Harri seems to miss out every year on having a party. We promised him last year that he could have one this year, but with the way things have been with Noah's health and building the house it was too much for me to think about. I asked him if it was okay if we made Hawks cupcakes instead to take to school for his whole class and have a party next year for sure, and he was happy with that.

After school he got to see Grandma and Grandpa, and also Nanna and Pa and was VERY happy with his stash of money he got to spend on himself. He got to choose what he wanted to do after school for his birthday so he decided 'shopping, swimming and McDonalds for tea'. We actually haven't been to the Aquatic Centre for ages (except for swimming lessons - are you shocked Collette!!!), so it was fun to go there tonight.

Kobe was very excited to know we were going swimming, but was a bit scared of the bucket again because it had been so long since we had been there.

Instead he had fun playing in the toddlers pool with me.

Noah and Aaron didn't swim, which meant Aaron got to be the official photographer for the night.

Even though it was quite fresh outside when we left, Harri insisted on wearing all his new Hawks gear, so he could be like a 'real football player'.

We finished off the night with Maccas for tea...

before coming home for cake. Harri was very excited today as he got a certificate in assembly. I had hoped to go to assembly today as I knew he was sharing some work, but Noah had a bad night last night (think he's having trouble with clearing mucous plugs which really makes him breathe up and that increases his temp). Instead I spent the morning at home with Noah and Kobe, and was disappointed when Harri came home and told me he also got a certificate today. He was so proud of his certificate which said 'it is his birthday today' and 'Harri is to be commended for being an enthusiastic learner at school'.

There were tears again from Kobe at cake time when he realised he had to wait for us to sing and for Harri to blow out the candles before he could have a turn as well.

Tonight we had a VERY happy and hyped up boy. He was in a VERY silly mood, which is actually normal Harri as you will see in the video. Happy 6th birthday Harri! We love you!


  1. he he, love it! Happy birthday cute boy! And Kobe Kobe... you make me laugh!!!!

  2. "Happy Birthday"
    "THANK YOU!"


    Great kid. Happy Birthday, Haz.

  3. Whoa. He looks SO much like you in that photo at Maccas.

  4. He is CUTE! Happy Birthday Harri! Kobe makes me LAUGH! Poor boy. It's hard to be little. I'm worried about he getting sick again? Those pictures of him are so sweet.

  5. It's cracking me up seeing Kobe crying in all these photos. so funny! Happy belated birthday Harri :)

    P.S ha ha the verification word is 'comenta'

  6. Happy Birthday Harri!!!! I love that pic of Harri holding his cupcakes- sooo cute! And the one of you kissing Kobe at the pool :)


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