Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Last Photo with the Possum Tree

It's a sad year this year as it's our last year of taking the boys photos in front of our tree at the front of our house, in blossom. I'm sure we will cope though - having a new house will be worth it :)

Yesterday we took the annual photo and Jay said it was the 'quickest photo ever!', which he was very happy about. Harri still keeps calling it the 'possum tree' rather than the 'blossum tree'!

I can't get over how much taller Harri is this year compared to last!

and how skinny Noah used to be!!! Who would've thought my chunky boy was that skinny! That's what puberty does to you!

How cute were my boys!! They still are, but they are growing up to be young men so fast!

Kobe looks a lot like Harri did when he was younger. Kobe always thinks it is him in photos that he sees of Harri as a toddler. Noah's wheelchair was so tiny here too!

Thanks possum tree for some pretty photos and for reminding us that we made it through another winter, and the warm weather is on the way.


  1. It is totally amazing how much they have all grown.
    I love the possum trees.
    Love Mum.

  2. It's amazing how quick they grow! Maybe you should take the pics into the dietician and show her the difference in Noah!

  3. I LOVE your tradition. You must carry it forward, find a new possum tree. :) And your boys?!? SO CUTE! It was fun to see them at different ages.

  4. It doesn't have to end - every Spring just load everyone in the van and pull up for a quick photo - it will give the neighbours something to talk about!

  5. I agree. I think you should still go up there.

  6. Agree too! I would be heading back there every year!!!! :-)

  7. Im loving Noah's uggies. You will juet have to keep coming back to that same tree. I'm sure the new people in your old house won't mind. :) Anyway its on the nature strip isn't it?


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