Saturday, 21 August 2010

Fab Friday

Today we have hit the 'couple of days' mark in hospital and it's going to be at least a couple more. The doctors said it looks like Noah has like a viral cold and because his immune system is so down from the last hospital visit, he is struggling with it and therefore it's best to stay in to have a little bit of oxygen and also stay on IV antibiotics as they are hoping that they will help even though it's a virus.

Because we had planned on going to Fab Friday before Noah went to hospital, Alison offered to come and sit with him in the hospital so we could still take the other boys. It was a horrible, wet, windy afternoon but the boys didn't mind at all and it was nice to be there with a smaller crowd. Kobe loved checking out Grandma's photos and looking through her camera as we sat under cover and watched the players train.

It was nice that that it was quiet, so there wasn't a huge line up at the face painting, so Harri got his face done.

The funniest thing was Josh Gibson asking him why he didn't have number 6 on, and who number 23 was, to which Harri yells 'Buddy!'. Josh then said 'Buddy's a dud isn't he!?' and Harri yells at him 'he is THE best player ever!!', and then Josh yelling back at him 'he's a dud!' and Harri yelling 'no he's not!!'.

Because there weren't many people there it was easy to say hi to the players and get their autographs. Poor Hodgey looked terrible with two black eyes after last weeks game.

Kobe knows just what to do now when the players comes up and he puts his hands up to get a high five, or pulls out his scarf for them to sign.

I heard Aaron say to Buddy 'can we get a photo of you with my son please?' but I knew it was more that Aaron just wanted another photo with him!

Despite the weather it was a fun night, and the weather turned out okay in the end with the sun starting to come out.

It wasn't the kind of weather that we like taking Noah out in, so it was nice to know he was dry and warm at the hospital. Thanks so much Alison.


  1. I wondered if you guys would go, I would have taken Amelia but it was too cold and wet. Good that you could still go and Noah was tucked up in the nice warm hospital. So when do you guys think you'll escape?

  2. Aaron's face makes me laugh, he's like a little kid in a lolly shop!!! Love it. Can Allison come South?!

  3. Oh, look at me, gazing adoringly at Noah. You found me like that. That wasn't a posed shot at all.

    Alison will go anywhere for a price. :P

  4. I want to be that person that gets to stay behind and sit with Noah! You know I would in a heart beat if I lived closer. Lucky Alison. Glad you guys got out. What a fun family activity to go to on a regular basis. How far away do you have to travel?

  5. Yes, Becky, what can easily be masked as a willingness to help the Kings out is really me just desperate to spend as much time with Noah as I can! :) :)


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