Monday, 20 September 2010

The Feast

Over the weekend I helped to run our multi-stake Youth Convention after months of planning. It has been such a huge job to organise billeting, activities, food, workshops, a formal dinner/ dance, and a fireside for just over 70 youth and 30 leaders from all around the state. The theme of convention was 'The Feast' which was taken from the scripture in 2 Nephi 31:20 where it talks about 'feasting upon the words of Christ'.

It was a feast in more ways than one. Lisa was our amazing catering person, who helped us feed 100 people over two days and did an amazing job.

The first morning we started off with some workshops. One of them was a musical workshop where they learnt the theme song for convention 'Famine or Feast' which was written especially for convention by Matthew Pawson. It was a beautiful song and it was so cool to hear the youth finally sing it.

Aaron and I were both there the whole time, but it was strange as I still felt like I hardly saw him all weekend as I was so busy. It's nice to have him there though. Mum helped out and came and stayed for a couple of days to look after the boys.

We then had time doing fun activities including 'Minute to Win It' challenges which was very funny to watch.

We then headed outside for some team games using waterbombs (thanks Simone for helping me by filling them up!!).

While all the activities were going on different leaders were back at the chapel setting up for the formal dinner/dance. Toni had some awesome ideas for decorations and a dessert bar. Some YW and YSA helped her to make the decorations and during the week we puffed up the pom poms and then finally got to put them up.

After sprucing themselves up, we then went back to the chapel for a standards panel, and then the formal dinner/dance. Aaron was the MC and had lots of fun on the mic. entertaining them (or trying to!) with his corny jokes.

Aaron wasn't keen on MCing at first as it was preliminary final night and said he would only do it if Hawthorn wasn't in the preliminary final. I knew we would be pretty safe with that, but that didn't stop him, and others from watching the footy during the dance. They set up a TV up on the stage and had it hidden away so they could keep their eye on it all night. Aaron would give them score updates regularly. These two were particularly interested in the scores. Tayla was very excited by the end of the night!

The youth loved the dessert bar, where they had icecream topped with lots of different lollies and toppings.

The next morning we headed to Noah's (special) school for a service project. First of all Angela and Ryan spoke to the youth about what it is like to have children with special needs. What they said really touched a lot of youth and I could see a few tears as they listened to them.

The youth were then split into groups and went off and cleaned different areas of the school. The school has recently had some renovations done, so everything was covered in dust.

After the service project we got to hang around the school and use their facilities.

We had a play at the park across the road, and then a BBQ lunch.

Some of the youth tried out the Liberty Swing, before we headed back to the chapel for a fireside and testimony meeting to finish convention off.

It was a busy, but good couple of days. It's always nice when the youth get together, to hear their testimonies, and see the love that they have for each other.


  1. fantastic pictures. I especially love the one of you and your four eyed hubby. Too bad it's blurry. What an amazing feat you accomplished. I LOVE the decorations. So beautiful. I can imagine WHY you must be so tired. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tayla landed the first photo... but i got the first photo on the blog!!! YAY!!!!! It was a fun couple of days, but glad it's over :)

  3. I think Aaron's glasses make him look smart! What a great weekend - the feast is such a great theme, those youth are lucky to have such fun, loving leaders :)

  4. So glad that Convention is over, I couldn't handle another day of it - especially with Toni telling everyone what to do on the last day - that was just to much... Don't even get me started on how the youth behaved......

    HOWEVER it really was awesome!!! I loved the theme! You all did such a good job at organising everything and everyone!!

    Thanks LisA!

  5. well done you guys ...i know the youth had a great time... some leaders and helpers deserve a sleep in i long you about a weeks worth ????

  6. Heard heaps of good feedback from the youth as they came home after the dance. It's great that they can hang out and just be themselves and not have to worry what others think about them. I actually miss YW as convention was always the best, especially hearing the testimonies of the youth.

  7. What a wonderful event! WOW! I'm sure your youth were blessed to be there! (and I bet you are one tired lady ;)

  8. Very impressive! It looks like it was a lot of work but well worth it. Loved the decorations and the ice-cream bar.

  9. The youth are lucky to have you leaders work as hard as you do for them.


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