Monday, 30 August 2010

Footy Tipping

This year Aaron, Jay and Harri decided to have a family footy tipping competition. I declined the invitation to join in, as I knew I would flog them! ;)

Harri has been in front all year because he studies the footy so much, and knows everything about pretty much every team - including where they all are on the ladder, who is suspended and who has an injury. Aaron even ended up using Harri's tips in his school footy competition as Harri was beating him (that's what happens when Aaron refuses to tip against Hawthorn! Supposedly tipping against your own team shouldn't happen - even if it means you are going to lose the whole tipping competition).

With the AFL season finishing up on the weekend (except for the finals) it meant the family footy tipping comp was over and Harri was VERY excited to collect his winnings tonight - a family block of chocolate AND a packet of Tim Tams - all for himself. I think Jalen may try a bit harder next year!


  1. Well done!!! looks like it's Harri's week!!!

  2. Yum I love Caramello. Well done Harri!

  3. I'm with Aaron - you don't tip against the Hawks! I bet there were many who did on Saturday and now regret it.
    Well done Harri :)

  4. RIGHT ON! Those prizes are SA-WEET! :) Jealous you have tim tams so readily available.


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