Sunday, 19 September 2010

Four Eyes

Aaron has been complaining for a while that he has been having trouble focusing on things. With school holidays we thought we had better finally book him in for an eye appointment. The Optometrist confirmed what he thought - that he needs glasses.

We had lots of fun picking a pair of frames out. He isn't too worried that he has to wear them and it probably doesn't help that I've been cracking all the usual 'four eyes' jokes, but I actually think he looks quite good in them.

This photo was taken on Friday night at the youth convention formal dinner/dance. Aaron was the MC and whenever someone would leave their seat, he would jump into it and interview the lucky person next to him. Poor Tayla was the first victim and she handled him very well.

I'm still sorting through hundreds of photos, but a convention post will be coming very soon.


  1. He looks very distinguished. I bet the students will be talking tomorrow. He must have good eyes if he only just needed them.

  2. still think he looks like a nerdy geek....

    but i guess it fits the teacher image too!!!!

  3. Oh yes! Very handsome. He'll have all those young girls eyeing him off now!!!!!!!


  4. He's quite dapper...I like the new look!


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