Wednesday, 22 September 2010

My New Gym Buddies

When it is your birthday our gym gives us a little present of a free week for a friend (good way to get new members), plus a gift voucher to spend on their merchandise. We thought the school holidays would be a good time for Aaron to use the free week.

Aaron said he would never want to do classes, but I talked him into coming to a class with me which was 'Blue Core' - a CORE class which was to raise money for prostate cancer. Everyone was encouraged to donate a gold coin, wear blue and prizes were given out during the class.

He came along and said he hated it - actually I think the words he used was the 'it was digusting' (because it put him through pain) but decided to stay for another class with me straight afterwards - my favourite class ever... ATTACK. I really didn't think Aaron was going to like it at all, but he came out saying he loved it and couldn't wait to do it again.

Within the next week he came back and did another CORE, ATTACK and SPIN class with me and was hooked. He was so disappointed when his free week was over and was saying how good it made him feel, so we talked it over and he decided to join up at the gym as well. So now I have a new gym buddy - at least once a week when I join him after school. He is hoping to do a couple or early morning classes a week, before school and one night a week after school. Jalen is so excited as it means he is also allowed to join in on the classes with us. This morning he was complaining that his 'abs are stuffed' and that he thought he was getting a bit of a six pack! If only we could after a class or two! :)

This morning he went off to the 6.15 am 'Footy SPIN' class. Everyone was encouraged to dress up in their footy colours which Aaron of course wasn't short of.

He came back very pleased with the prizes he won for being one of the best dressed.

It's nice to have a couple more gym junkies in the house.


    From Jalen

  2. Wowsers! I feel fat and blobby just reading this! I cross the road from the gym near us just so I don't have to walk past it and feel inferior. I had membership for one week then cancelled because who was I kidding?? I knew I'd never make it in the door....

    I'm so impressed you go to classes at 6am. Amazing!

  3. LOVE IT! Nothing like a gym to help you stay fit. You do TWO classes in a row? You're an animal!

  4. lol, thats cool! loved the picture of the two of you showing your biceps!
    great idea for spending time together!
    btw, your house is looking awesome, you must be sooo excited! how much lomger?


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