Saturday, 25 September 2010

Nap Time

My favourite time of the day is when it's Kobe's nap time. It's nice to have the whole house quiet for the only time during the day, and especially nice if I have had a bad night with Noah (or Aaron snoring!), to know that I can sneak in a little nanna nap if I need to.

He used to sleep for up to three hours in the middle of the day, but lately he hasn't been so keen to go to bed. His sleep is getting later and later in the day, and some days he will still be calling out "Muuuummmmm!!!', an hour after I put him into bed.

During the school holidays he woke up and obviously hadn't had enough sleep as he was still grumpy and grizzly. Aaron thought he'd cheer him up by jumping into the cot with him.

At first he thought it was funny, but then just wanted nothing to do with it!

Since we have started packing to move, we have been storing a few of the empty boxes in Kobe's room so they are easy to grab when we have a minute to pack some things. Yesterday I went to wake him up from his nap to go and pick up the boys from school, and this is what I found!

At least he finally went to sleep - box on the head and all! :)


  1. Ha ha, he's cute! You have a good boy there, for taking naps still.

  2. that is so gorgeous...
    dont forget to tell me when you are making that move...we have the ute and can help and i love to cook remember!!!!!

  3. Hilarious!! What a cute little guy he is!


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