Saturday, 4 September 2010

Jalen's Got Talent

Yesterday Kobe, Mum and I went to the boys school's 'Punchbowl's Got Talent' afternoon. It was a fun way to finish off the term before school holidays. It was nice to be at the school when all three boys were at school together.

Kobe loves school already and copied all the kids when they would put their hands up, to copy the teacher trying to get them to be quiet.

Jay and his friend Bailey had been writing and practicing a play for a few weeks. They had to perform it to their teacher and their class to see if it was suitable and up to standard, for the show beforehand and to make sure it didn't run too long. They were very excited when their teacher agreed that it was good enough to enter.

I knew Jay was into acting and is quite confident at it, but hadn't really seen him do it in public. They did a great job and got a lot of laughs. It was all about a time machine and travelling through time...first back to the 80s (where they danced and got a teacher up to dance with them) and then to the Wild West. This is their act.

They ended up getting a 10/10, 9.5 and 9.5 from the judges (the Principal and two teachers). Jay was so excited as it meant they were in the lead by a lot. The last act out of about twenty acts, were a group of grade 6 girls who did an awesome choreographed dance with lights and everything. We knew it was going to be close. Jay was on edge and with his fingers crossed, as we waited for the judges to score the girls.

It ended up being a tie with the girls! Jay was so excited!

It was nice to see them so happy after all the work they put into it. It was a great way to start the school holidays.


  1. wow, well done Jay! You're such a good actor- the video cracked me up! You will have to do a performance for me the next time i visit! :)

  2. Way to go!! What a performer!


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