Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Perfect Season

Last year at school Aaron was the senior football coach at school for the first time ever. He loved coaching and the boys ended up winning the grand final. This year they decided to put Aaron as coach of the junior 1st team to see if he could pull off another win. They have had a great year, being undefeated all year and usually winning by a massive margin.

Today was the grand final against Prospect High School, so Kobe and I thought we would go along and cheer the team on.

I had never seen Aaron coach before and thought he was going to be very stressed and nervous.

He actually surprised me and was very cool and calm, and impressed me with how good he was with the boys. He was very encouraging and as soon as one of them started mouthing off at other members of the team, he would pull them off and have a talk to them about how they are a team and how the main rule of the team is to support each other.

Kobe loved hanging out with Dad for the afternoon and had to be wherever he was.

The boys were really lovely with him and chatted to him the whole time.

They all knew that he loves Justin Bieber and kept asking him about it. One of the kids nick names is actually 'Bieber' as they think that he looks like him, so the boys were all telling Kobe that Justin Bieber was out on the ground.

Kobe was so excited and kept pointing out to him!

When he came off the ground all the boys were saying 'look there's Justin Bieber!' and Kobe actually looked at him like he really WAS Justin Bieber!

It was a great game with Kings Meadows winning 82 to 13.

They all got in a circle and sung the Kings Meadows High School theme song at the end.

It was lots of fun hanging out with Aaron for the afternoon and seeing the boys pull off such a great win. Kobe wasn't happy to leave and kept stalling as we were walking away, turning around to wave goodbye every metre or so.

Aaron is now waiting for the phone call from Clarko to ask him to be assistant coach next year at Hawthorn ;)


  1. Aaaahahaah! Kobe met Justin Bieber! That is hysterical!

    Awesome pictures. :)

    Aaron is such a great role model.

  2. Rock on Aaron! :) I love coaching!!!

  3. Love the photo of Kobe between Aaron's legs.
    Love Mum.

  4. haha. I totally spotted the Bieber lookalike. Kobe is such a dag! He'll be so embarrassed that he used to like him in the years to come. Well, at least I would be :-)

  5. Haha at the bieber look a like!
    I love the photo of Kobe waving goodbye!


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