Thursday, 9 September 2010

Mission...spring blog header

At the beginning of autumn I thought it would be fun to change my blog header and have a theme to do with the season we were in at the time. We took some photos with some autumn leaves at our feet, and then when winter came we ran outside in our pyjamas one morning to stand in the frost for our winter photo and I was wondering whether the whole season thing was a good idea!

We're only nine days into spring, but I have everyone reminding me that it's time to change my header. I have been thinking about it for a while and trying to work out a good place to get a spring themed photo. Even when I would be driving on the highway, I would spot some daffodils and wish that the whole family was with me, so we could jump out and get a photo.

Finally today we were all out and about together, so I decided that today was the day we would be taking a photo. I decided City Park would be our best option for spring flowers, and we were lucky to find a little rockery with daffodils around it. After almost getting bogged in the mud with Noah's wheelchair we finally got our new blog header photo.

I didn't worry about dressing up or making sure everyone looked nice, as I knew I would only be using a photo of the bottom of our legs, but I couldn't resist doing an impromptu photo session afterwards.

We started off with a serious family shot...

and then had lots of fun mucking around and being silly.

I had my camera set up on the ledge of the fountain, and Jalen says 'imagine if your camera fell in the water Mum!!'. At first I thought he was saying 'your camera is about to fall in the water Mum and this photo was the result!!

I never would've thought that I would end up having these four! It looks like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths!

I know who the real monkeys in the park were today!

Next time we will have to dress up and do it properly as it seems like I never do proper photos of my own family.


  1. lol, nice shots, looks like you've had your hair done?

  2. Lisa spring looks like it is there to stay! Your photos are wonderful and getting better and better. You all look to be having so much fun- love it!

  3. these are great family shots Lisa... what a fabulous family..

  4. cool pics Lis! Boys are great! Your face is cracking me up with the camera falling in comment!!! he he!

  5. Had to laugh about the camera.
    It still looks very cold though.
    Love Mum.

  6. Nice hair cut. I agree with Mum, it still looks and feels like winter. Bring on spring. We are cold!

  7. Love the new header and those photos are super good!! INSPIRING!!!

  8. I LOVE them! I can't WAIT for you to help photo shop my family pictures when we get them done. We'll have fall pictures as you head into spring. :) We are planning General Conference weekend to do them so stay tuned. Wish YOU were taking our family photos!!! I love the one of you guys smooching with smiling kids all around. That one is my fav!!!

  9. Someone has really hairy legs in your blog header shot ;)
    Fantastic photos as usual.
    You're amazing.

  10. Some beautiful shots there .... nice work :)

    I'm just impressed you can get all your kids to sit still and look somewhere similar to where the camera is positioned :)

  11. lisa they are the coolest photos ever!
    i want to take photos like yours!!!!
    who cares what you are wearing - there are a few "framable" shots there :)

  12. Oh I LOVE all of the pictures! You have such talent! What a beautiful family you have!!

  13. Love these photos and love your new header Lisa!


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