Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Crazy Golf

On Sunday my firstborn is turning 11! I can't believe that I will have an 11 year old! Because his birthday is on Sunday Jay decided that we are going to celebrate his birthday on Saturday instead. I asked him what that meant, and he said we get to go to McDonalds for tea on Saturday and he gets to choose something fun to do for the day.

When we asked him what he wanted to do, he said he wanted to go to Game On 2.0. He then found out his friend was going to be up from Hobart on Saturday and wanted to spend some time with him, so we decided that we would do something fun today instead while Di was looking after Noah. Yesterday while we were in town we walked past the new 'Crazy Golf' place that has just opened and went in to have a look. It looked like it could be fun, so Jay decided he would like to go there instead of Game On 2.0 which I was happy about as standing around for hours playing video games just doesn't excite me.

We thought it would be a lot easier without Kobe as well, so we put him into bed and also left him with Di and went and had some fun with the other two boys. There is also a jumping castle which the boys had a quick go on before we went to play golf.

To get to the first hole you have to go through a mirror maze, which is exactly like the one at Luna Park.

When you first walk in the place looks tiny, but you actually go through different areas including upstairs and downstairs (which wouldn't have been good for Noah even if we wanted to take him) and also a glow in the dark area which was very cool.

Different holes had obstacles that moved as well which was fun and frustrating all at the same time.

Some of the holes were a lot trickier than others.

Jay and I had lots of fun with the crazy mirrors at the end. I wasn't keen on this one, but didn't mind the one that made me look super tall and skinny!

Near the mirrors were two massage chairs which you could put money in and have a 5 minute massage. I LOVE these chairs and whenever I see one I have to have a turn (or two!).

Jay said it was a great way to celebrate his birthday early and it was lots of fun. We are excited there is somewhere fun like this to go in town now, that can be used all year round.

We will definitely be going back!


  1. LOVE IT! I love when they spice up normal games to make it more fun and interesting. Glad you guys had some alone time with your two boys. That's always nice for them. :)

  2. What a neat place! It looks like it was a hit with everyone!

  3. Looks like a great place and lots of fun.

  4. The hole in the glow in the dark section, with the with aaron in the photo. Eliza and Phebe scored a hole in one.. STOKED!!! This place is going to be busy on a raining day!!

  5. That massage chair .... I am contemplating a trip up North just to try it out!

    Looks like a brilliant place to take the kids!

    I know what you mean about feeling the shock of having an 11 year old. I still can't believe my Tez is 11 now. Life moves so fast.....

  6. We'll be there soon I think. Alex loves mini golf and the massage chair would really entice him! Looks like the other mini-golf places are going to be in for some hard competition. Glad Jay got to do something fun for his birthday.

  7. Love your new header.
    Love Mum.

  8. Hi Lisa, the next time you are in Hobart let me know, you can come to my work and use a massage chair for free and for 25mins!

    Angela F

  9. What a nice bonding between mom,dad and their children. Looks like they really enjoy the time!

  10. This is such an ideal recreational place for the whole family. There are lots of attractions here that kids will enjoy playing which I guess will keep them from going home.

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