Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tasmania Zoo

Yesterday Kobe and I braved the crazy (freezing!) weather to join Harri's class on an excursion at Tasmania Zoo. Harri was so excited about going and the night before he said 'when I see the hippopotamus I'm going to be scared'. We laughed and told him it wasn't a zoo like that, but more of a wildlife park, and there are lots of native Australian animals there, not hippos. He then said 'oh, just giraffes then!'. Funny boy.

The kids loved being able to pat the Tasmanian devil.

This little devil wasn't keen at all to though, and kept backing away from it when the man was asking him if he wanted to pat it.

Harri's teacher split the kids into groups as there were two other parents there doing parent help. Harri got to choose two friends to come in his group with him and then another child joined us. They were so funny and excited about seeing the different animals, although they weren't keen on all the noise the birds were making.

The weather was crazy and it would come out sunny for 20 minutes and be okay, and then the next minute the sky would get dark and it would start hailing on us!

We were looking at the rabbits when a peacock jumped in the enclosure and then spread out its feathers. The kids spent ages watching it and were very tempted to grab one of the feathers.

They had a great time studying the map trying to find the animals they really wanted to see.

Before going home the kids had a play. It was nice to be with the class for the day but I have to say it made me actually not miss teaching. I used to love it, but am not sure if I really want to go back to it again.

Kobe loved the attention from all the girls who wanted to mother him and swing him on the swings all afternoon.

I think he would stay at school all day if I let him. He's going to be well and truly ready for school when it's his turn.


  1. What a fun trip for the kids. I loved seeing some of the animals that we don't get to see over here. Very fun.

  2. you doing some playing round there Lis! Like the blue! Its been freezing here too.... just walking to school... brrrrrr!

  3. I'm over the freezingness! That peacock pic is awesome! Seems Kobe is very loved by Harri's classmates.!!

    and I'm totally voting for you!!!!

  4. Oh I LOVE the peacock shot and the kids covering their ears near the birds! They are all really lovely :-)
    Ps Best wishes for Noah to Get Well xx


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