Wednesday, 15 September 2010


A few months ago we booked tickets to take Kobe to see the Dorothy the Dinosaur concert. To say he is a fan of the Wiggles is an understatement. If he could he would watch the Wiggles all day long. He tells you the name of the colours according to a Wiggle, and if someone is asleep he says they are like Jeff, or if someone is playing the guitar he tells you it is like Murray. He was excited to go out with just Aaron and I this morning, while the boys stayed with Di.

We met up with some of my gym buddies as well as Pip and Ben, Bec and Karen and their kids. Kobe loves seeing Eden and Charlotte at the gym almost every day.

It was nice to have so many friends to go with, and fun to see the kids reactions to the concert.

I was wondering how Kobe was going to go at the concert, as the last concert we went to he freaked out and cried for most of it, but as soon as Dorothy came out he was so excited!

He was quite upset when she would leave the stage and the other characters would come out. He kept asking where Dorothy was.

It was so nice to spend the morning just with Kobe, and lucky for Aaron that it was held during the school holidays.

Kobe's favourite part was when they sang 'Hot Potato', and when it finished he kept asking 'again!?'.

I was waiting for the tears to come at the end, but he was really good waving and yelling 'byyyeee' as they left the stage.

We couldn't resist a photo with the cool van as we left.

It was a great concert. We missed out on seeing the Wiggles in concert this year, but I think Kobe would've enjoyed this concert just as much. The people in it were really good and they sang lots of popular songs that he knew. It was also nice to be up close and in a smaller venue. and of course it was a lot cheaper. Hopefully it won't be long till they come back and do another one, as I'm sure in a few more years he will be like his brothers and think he is too old for it.


  1. Looks like he had a great time! So did they come and collect the roses from the kids this time! I thought it was a great thing when I took Will last year to see Dorothy in concert! LOVE the costume as well, very cute!

  2. Hi Ange - yes they did come out and collect roses and we ALL forgot to bring one!

  3. Looks like Kobe had a great time. I remember taking Junior to a wiggles concert when he was about 4, so much fun.

  4. Secretly Aaron totally loved it...I can tell. ;) I've never even heard of this Dorothy. I miss having young kids. Cute Kobe!

  5. Kobe is getting so much bigger since I left .. he looks quite the part in his little Dorothy jumper. Can't wait until I can take Bastian to Playschool, Wiggles and the like. I wonder if Peter Combe will ever have a come back?


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