Sunday, 26 September 2010

Grand Final (take 1!)

It doesn't matter who is playing the AFL grand final - it's always one of Aaron's favourite days of the year. Harri had been so excited all week about it as he knew we were having a 'footy party'. On Friday night he said to me that 'tomorrow is going to be 'better than birthdays because you have footy AND food all day!'.

Yesterday I went to the gym and came home and he had all the posters from the newspapers up on the wall - Collingwood's and the Saint's. Aaron and the boys were going for Collingwood (Noah even tipped them by 45 at school! ;) and Aaron's Dad and I were going for the Saints.

Grand final day isn't complete without a half time kick.

We missed having Chrish here to kick with this year, but the boys loved having Pa come out for a kick.

Kobe had fun playing while the boys had a kick,

and a swing with Mum.

Noah slept for half the game, but woke up just in time for the end result. During the week Aaron cracked me up as he said Noah was speechless about the Brownlow result, and I'm pretty sure he was left speechless again yesterday!

Oh boy - we just about lost our voices screaming at the tv yesterday in the last couple of minutes. What an intense game!! It's one that will never be forgotten. Aaron yelled at the end 'another week of footy!!!!!'. I did hear a joke this morning (sorry Tayla and Becky!)... Collingwood can't read or write, but they can draw! :)

Looks like it's Aaron's favourite day of the year again, next Saturday!


  1. I can't believe it!! Did Aaron know that were the rules to play again a week later in a draw?! I thought I had the rules all figured out and told Mum they will just play on for 10 more minutes, assuming that would be the rules. Bet Harri will be super excited for another week!

  2. Looks like fun :)
    Love that cute pic of Kobe!!!

  3. haha LOVE the collingwood jokes floating around at the moment...infact aaron told me HEAPS last weekend at convention...and now he's going for them?? strange man!

  4. yes he is Collette, yes he is! :) Yep - he knew that before the game Noodles so was hoping for the draw - we didn't really think it would happen though.

  5. What a great tradition! Sound funner than birthdays - anything involving sports AND food all day is heavenly. :)


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