Sunday, 8 August 2010

Circular Quay and Luna Park

The boys were so excited to get on the plane and go to Sydney. That was until we started walking onto the plane. Kobe then decided that going on the plane for the first time was a little bit scary with the noise of the engines.

Once we took off he settled down, and was happy to read his Wiggles magazine, listen to music on the headphones, colour in and play with Aaron's ipod touch.

We were so happy to arrive in Sydney and see beautiful blue skies - not like the last time we were up there! The boys love the flat escalators. Jalen kept saying 'Sydney is so high tech!'.

Our awesome driver was there ready and waiting for us.

I was freaking out as a plane flew right over the top of us - not something that you see every day in Tassie!

We headed straight to the harbour and went for a walk to Circular Quay. The boys were so excited and Harri kept saying 'I can see the Sydney Opera Bridge!!!'.

The boys loved playing on the Opera House steps. Jalen kept going up and touching it saying 'it's real tiles!'.

There were so many things to see along Circular Quay. There were so many tourists around. This guy was getting a lot of interest as he was busking.

We sat down and watched him for a little while.

Jay was begging us to take them to Luna Park, so we decided to catch a ferry over to check it out for a hour or two.

Kobe absolutely loved the ferry (and his ice cream!) and kept on pretending he was rowing the boat and wanted us to sing 'row, row, row your boat'.

It was a short trip, but so amazing with the beautiful views and the sun setting at the same time.

It was just starting to get dark as we got to Luna Park and it looked so beautiful with all it's lights on.

The park is very small and is just an old fashioned theme park, but we had so much fun. We ended up staying a lot longer than the 1-2 hours that we thought we would. Over 4 1/2 hours later we left at 10 pm with some very tired, but happy boys.

We loved the dodgem cars as we could all go on at the same time. The park wasn't busy at all, but the dodgems had the biggest line up.

Harri was too scared to go on the bigger rides - especially after we got him on the little roller coaster and he came off screaming and crying! He refused to go on the ferris wheel, so Jay, Chrish, Kobe and I went on together. BIG mistake! I was petrified!! It was so high and you could see over the whole Sydney Harbour and Luna Park which was beautiful IF I could've relaxed to enjoy it. The carriage was swinging around in the wind and I was trying with all my might to not sound panic as I kept saying I just wanted to get off. I copied all of Chrish's photos and just found this one. It cracks me up as I'm squeezing Kobe's leg as I'm so scared, but trying to be brave, so I don't start freaking him out too! Check out my nervous grin!

Kobe in the meantime was happy to sit and enjoy the view.

The other ride that I absolutely hated was the giant swings. Jay loved it and went on it over and over again, so I thought that it would be fun to go on with him and Aaron, while Chrish watched Harri and Kobe. Oh it was so bad. I was freaking out, thinking the swing was going to break and it didn't help that Aaron was right next to me saying 'oh boy, wouldn't it be awful if the swing broke and flew right into the harbour!?', just to stir me up more!

Harri and I both loved the carousel. It was great as there was never a line up, so we could just jump off and straight back on again.

The boys loved the 'Coney Island' section which had some really cool steep slides and old fashioned fun like a mirror maze. When you walk through you can see the silhouettes of people, so Jay had lots of fun standing behind the screen doing stupid dance moves. The people below were watching him for ages, laughing at his ballet moves.

Chrish looked after Harri and Kobe a lot for us, so Aaron and I could go on rides together. One of our favourites was the 'Tango Train' which was really fast and fun. The funniest thing about the ride though, was one of the guys who worked on it. He was a bit of a nerd, but did these hilarious dance moves the whole time. Every time you would wizz past him he was doing some new cool dance moves to go with the lyrics to the songs, and was cracking everyone up.

Chrish kept the boys entertained while we were riding, or maybe I should say he tortured them...freaking poor Kobe out with all the scary people dressed up! He was actually loving them when they were far away from him, but wasn't so keen once they were up close.

I was amazed that Kobe lasted so long without getting too tired. We left at 10 pm and were blown away again by the amazing views as we walked to Chrish's car. While I was on one of the rides I was thinking about how the week before we were having a talk with Noah's doctor about 'what if' and 'just in case', and here we were almost two weeks later, in Sydney having the time of our lives. I would've loved to have had Noah with us and I really missed him, but it was nice to know that although he was in hospital he was so much better and was with Mum and was being well looked after. It was nice to be able to have so much fun with the boys, especially after the last couple of weeks we have had.


  1. Gotta love sydney, was nice having you all here, if only for a short time

  2. Looks like you guys had an awesome time :) I am loving all the photos of you guys grinning away, so happy! :)

  3. awesome lisa!!! glad you got to get out and refresh your mind (even though i'm sure you are absolutely exhausted from it all!!!!) i haven't spoken to you for ages - will give you a call tomorrow sometime, let me know when it suits you the best.

    p.s. you are a totaly wuss...i am disappointed NAN.

  4. Oh and i LOVE the photo of you freaking out! It cracked me up big time!!!

  5. WOW! What a whirl wind trip. Love the always. I love the memories that you are creating with your boys. And I'm happy that Noah behaved while you were away. :)

  6. Great photos! I'm glad you had such a good time - and good weather this time!

  7. luna park is such a fun family thing to do. Our kids love the one in Melbourne. It's so easy to send hours and hours there. Glad you all had a great time.

  8. Looks like you all had a blast! Did Harri end up seeing a Macca's?! Sydney is so pretty. Now you've got the house to look forward to!

  9. hahahah Kobe's face on that pic of you and him on the wheel is hilarious! I'd be freaked out by all those carni folk to!

  10. Awesome catchlights in the photo of Kobe and the icecream! And I'm sooo jealous of the last photo! You'll have to teach me how to take night time photos like that!

    I'm so happy you guys had a fun little getaway. And I'm happy that Noah greeted you with a smile. :)

  11. i loved the "put your head here" shot ...great fun all round...glad you guys had a ggod trip and what a great mum to do the weekend shift with Noah...we had a lovely visit at the hospitla while you guys were away...we talked grandmother will have to go away again so we can get together more...he he

  12. Loved the photos, and I will definately have to go to Luna Park sometime in my life.
    Maybe Chrish will take me?!! Hint Hint Chrish.
    Great that you had a good time, and I loved being with Noah.
    Love Mum.

  13. Looks like a hoot! What a great little getaway weekend for you guys!

    The Sydney Opera Bridge(!) looks beautiful.


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